Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 10, 2022

Summer Tour 2022 -part 4b

I have had real problems with this post losing stuff I have written a couple of times. I am sure it must be user error but it does not help. So will start from Welshpool for the fourth time ggrrrr!

There was quite a climb up from Welshpool but then a lovely decent onto a much flatter route across the Cheshire plains. It’s an area we have ridden and kayaked through many times. We headed north through Ellesmere Port and keeping to small roads we road to the Durham Heifer where we had camped last year. I was so surprised that they remembered us from last year but I suppose we are a bit unusual. As we rode here we were never too sure if we were in Wales or England as I route wandered about a bit. The weather wasn’t brilliant though and we wore waterproofs most of the day. It wasn’t too bad but there was light rain on and off.

Next day , we were off early again on a fairly flat route and so arrived in Stockport about 2.30pm. Here I needed to go into the Travelodge to use the facilities while DH stood with the bikes. He saw a sign for the Transpennine trail so briefly left the bikes to look at it. Some unkind thief took the bike while he shouted to stop him. Fortunately, a man jumped in front of him and he fell off , so the trip didn’t end in disaster. Thank you to our Good Samaritan.

The staff at the Travelodge were brilliant and couldn’t be more apologetic. They made sure our bikes were locked away in their staff room in the centre of the building.

Now we knew the TPT on the west side would be tough. The surface in some places has deteriorated very badly which made the going tough. It was a beautiful day and as we climbed up the valley , we came across a chap who had a puncture and his pump had broken. So we stopped and got him sorted out.

We started the awful climb above the Woodhead tunnels and were passed by a chap on his lightweight MTB. He saw us struggling and he came back and helped us. Another Good Samaritan to the rescue. He is called John but that’s all we know about him.

We were glad to get over that mainly off road section and down to Penistone. Last time we rode it, when we said never again, they had just resurfaced this section. Again it has been rerouted and is still good. From Penistone , we made our way to Mexborough near Doncaster and camped at yet another fishing place. It was lovely in the sunshine. It is one of those places that people in the town didn’t know was there just near the railway line to Doncaster.

DH could smell home now. How long would it take us to get home. well we plotted a route up to South Newlands Farm at Riccall a place we know with friends who run it. We didn’t follow the TPT so it wasn’t the old familiar route and it was flat. The route did take us into Selby which was quiet. Peggy and Rod were pleased to see us and DS1 came down and picked up our stuff so the ride home was much lighter and quicker.


  1. I couldn’t contemplate off road routes with a loaded bike so I think that you were very brave.

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