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Summer Tour part 2

Setting out from Broom Fisheries we headed back towards Annan to pick up NCN7 along the road towards Powfoot where we stayed some years ago. The campsite has been really developed with cabins right on the Solway and was quite busy in the cafe. We just rode through following the Komoot app and NCN 7 into Ruthwell where the savings bank museum is located. Timmy Mallett rode this way a few weeks ago on his ongoing tour.


Contingency on we continued gentle climbing and this is the only Belted Galloway cow we saw on the entire tour.

Loved how this sign had been painted to resemble a Belted Galloway

Not too long after there was some downhill into Dumfries and we recognised places we had been last year. The river looked lovely but it was quite cool and we rode through a park that was setting up for some sort of event.


Leaving the county town , we were into open countryside , with quiet roads on this Platinum Jubilee weekend and saw this beauty on a post box in a tiny village. As you can imagine I had to stop to photograph it.

Crocheted postbox cover

Then we were in a really quiet road and saw only one car as we cycled on for miles of gently rugged countryside. We joined a more main road at Balmaclellan to ride down to Ken Bridge where our campsite was for the night. There was no-one about so we pitched up and paid up later. It was quiet near the river although there is. Bridge nearby.

Next morning we rode away from Bridge of Ken across it through New Galloway and up to Clatteringshaws loch.

Clatteringshaws loch

Now, diverting away from NCN7 to the national byway called the Queens Way which reminded us of riding in Norway with its pine trees.

Galloway Forest

Then unbeknownst to us we were soon in Newton Stewart down by the river where we stopped to second breakfast.

Near Newton Stewart
DH at the picnic bench

Setting off Again, we were on very quiet roads with virtually no traffic as we rode along in a bright but cool wind past wind turbines and through New Luce and and along to Castle Kennedy where we had to join the main road. Komoot would have taken us off on an overgrown footpath but we just ignored it.

The A77 goes up to the ferry port at Caen Ryan but is a bit hazardous . NCN 7 goes to Stranraer but there are no ferries there now. There is a short stretch of cycle track but it comes to an abrupt end without a dropped kerb. Then you have to take your chances with the lorries thundering along to the port.

As we entered Caen Ryan a new bit of cycleway starts and I was eager to get up onto it. Unfortunately, the trailer hit the kerb and I was left sprawled on the road. Fortunately, it was just outside the police station so there was plenty of help and I was ok apart from bad bruising on my inner thighs from the bike frame. I was so thankful for the drivers who stopped and helped as well as the police who repeatedly asked if I needed medical attention. But those who know me well, know I am determined to the point of stupidity sometimes. Still no real harm done

We manage to get the next Stena ferry to Belfast. I refused point blank to use P&O and if Stena couldn’t take us, we wouldn’t have gone to Ireland.


  1. I sat on that bench at the museum in Ruthwell and ate my lunch there not long ago.

    • I knew we were in your part of the world and saw signs to Langholm

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