Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 29, 2022

End of May- really?

Again , the weather hasn’t been the best but we have made the best of it. The old rhyme says “ March winds and April showers brings forth May flowers.” Well , we have all three together. Strong winds, heavy showers and lots of May flowers have been very evident this week

Albert Park
I love these flag irises

I took these photos on one of our rides through Albert Park here in Middlesbrough on one of the couple of times we rode across it.

Actually on Thursday we had a couple of rides including getting shopping. On Friday, I had decided to meet up with one of the friends I met up with last week. She is also 71yo and is planning to swim the Great North Swim next weekend and as she has never swam in a lake , she wanted to try it. Near to Bolton on Swale where we rode a couple of weekends ago, is Ellerton Lakes. Unfortunately, it was so very windy, so we had a morning ride to Sadberge and then we drove across there.

Coming back from Sadberge, was like having wings as we flew home with a following wind. It was also so lovely to have lunch at the cafe and meet with L after her swim. She said the waves kept slapping her in the head. I do hope it’s not as windy for her next weekend.

Look at the flags blowing in the wind at Sadberge

I didn’t feel too well on Friday evening and had to go to bed. By Saturday morning, I was feeling much better and we decided to just have a shorter ride . We decided to go to Hartlepool via Saltholme bird reserve. I have to say they have improved the surface of the path there.

View across to the Transporter Bridge

We couldn’t get out at the far end as they have installed lockable gates. They are supposed to open when you approach but they didn’t. I did find a volunteer who let us out and says if it happens again , to just ring the number on the poster. This applies to going in or out

We rode along the coast road until we got to Seaton Carew and then onto the promenade there. Once in Hartlepool, I was looking for a new to me quilting supply shop called Alan Tether after its owner. I couldn’t get what I need to finish my quilt but did enjoy the chance to see all the fabrics. I really couldn’t justify buying anymore.

While there I was intrigued by a group of strangely dressed people.

Detectives on tour

I couldn’t resist going over to ask them what they were doing, seems they are a group of work friends who were on a sleuthing day around Hartlepool looking for clues to solve 4 mysteries. They were obviously having a good laugh.

During the week I also had a chance to sew a Greenstyle Creations Rally skirt with its secret cycle shorts with pockets. It went together beautifully.

Rally skirt
Secret pockets in the attached cycle shorts

The fabric is very bright , just right for cycling.

So this week rode 81 miles , and YTD is 1352 miles

Don’t be concerned if I don’t post for a few weeks. We hope to be off on a cycle camping trip but not sure exactly sure where as yet.


  1. The secret cycling shorts are very natty.

  2. I like that skirt and shorts! Looks beautifully made too. I’ll have to look up the pattern. What fabric did you use?

    • It’s really a swim fabric . I ent spend a full day cycling in it so should be fine and I will wear undershorts.

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