Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 15, 2022

A Grand Day Out.

The weather hasn’t been too good this past week and so I didn’t think the mileage would be that much. It was DH’s birthday last Friday and he usually does a 100+mile ride but Friday was awful – wind gusting over 40mph and some rain. He didn’t want to go and will do it in the next week or so. I wasn’t too keen on riding in strong winds after last weeks tumble but the forecast for Saturday was good. Would DH take that opportunity to go on his solo ride. No we spent it together.

We had an early start and decided we would head for Bolton on Swale. This has the church that has reopened its doors to travellers with self service drinks on offer plus toilet facilities . We did a short detour on the way there to Moulton as I hoped there might be lemon drizzle cake for sale in the bus shelter. Unfortunately, there wasn’t, so it was on through Scorton and into St Mary’s at Bolton on Swale so see the memorial.

Interestingly, this has a memorial to a Henry Jenkins who was reputed to be the longest living person dying at the age of 169. His birth wasn’t registered as this wasn’t a requirement until 1538. It’s a fascinating story if you want to look it up. Seventy five years after his death , he local subscription paid for this memorial.

Henry Jenkins Memorial
1743 memorial
St Mary’s Bolton on Swale- clock not working

We sat outside in the sunshine to have part of our second breakfast before setting out again . We were on a B road but it wasn’t too busy and we passed Kiplin Hall and on to Great Langton. Here we joined NCN 71 through Kirkby Fleetham and then on to Leeming. It was fun to remember when we sheltered in a bus stop near here last year on the start of our Golden Wedding Tour .

We called at friends but sadly they weren’t at home so we headed on an off road track back up to the main road and on to Morton on Swale where we turned off onto Potter Lane. This was a Komoot route but it soon became an off road track. Luckily , our e-bikes can cope. It’s the gates that become the irritant as it’s stop /start.

Getting through gates.
Soon it was just grass with no real track

DH got up onto the top of banking that helps protect the land from the river and that was better riding. We were also sheep herding!

Eventually, we emerged onto a farm track which was part of the bridleway and we came into the village of Maunby. This was new to us with a nice village green. However, we knew we would be passing through South Otterington and it’s seating near the church where we sat to finish off our breakfast boxes.

Onwards , we crossed the A167 and rode up to Thornton le Moor and then continued onwards and upwards on Thief Hole lane and onto the Thirsk road. Up here there were a number of protest signs as it appears that a company wants to build an egg factory. As one sign said very wittily I thought ‘Pluck off’.

We then turned up to Thornton Le Beans andfrom here it was mainly downhill with lovely views if it hadn’t been so hazy.

Plenty of oil seed rape in flower

Then once in Northallerton, we rode along to Appleton Wiske where we stopped for cheese toasties, me made of course, and hot chocolate. We talked with a couple also on e-bikes and they were amazed we had already ridden 60 miles .

So we didn’t want to go down through Yarm with it’s inevitable slow moving vehicles so went across through Pictor and Crathorne to get home via Hutton Rudby. A super day of 80 miles. Yes I am a bit tired today. I have discovered I also need to drink more during the day when riding to stop cramping late in the evening. Yesterday , I drink about 3 litres while out plus drinks at home and no cramps .

This weeks total 112 miles YTD1221 miles


  1. Drinking is important. I never seem to drink enough on longer rides. 80 miles is impressive.

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