Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 8, 2022

Bumps and bruises but still going strong

Got a good start to the week getting out on Tuesday for a short ride locally . Got home just as the rain started so that was good.

Thursday was my quilt group AGM so I wasn’t out cycling even though the weather was excellent .

So Friday saw us ready for a fairly long ride. We prefer to head into the wind hoping that it will assist us on the homeward journey. Consulting the weather forecast decided us to head south as the wind was supposed to be south westerly.

I suggested that we head towards Northallerton but go over the off-road track to Brompton. So we set off about 9am and rode across to Thornaby and then on towards Maltby. On the way we encountered a lady on a small wheeled bicycle who had a puncture so we had to stop and help. Unfortunately, the valve meeting the tube point, was worn and had a rip. We did try but it was no good. She was appreciative of us trying to help.

So , back on our way , it was on to Roger Lane, through Hilton and up to Hutton Rudby. I have to say the hedgerows are blooming and the wild flowers are beautiful from the short lived dandelions to these tiny blue beauties.

We road to East Rounton and then turned off towards East Harlsey and climbed up until the turning signed for West Harlsey riding between the fields. The view from the top is lovely , but it was a bit hazy.

The golden glow of oil seed rape in the distance
A view to the west

At the bottom , we were temporarily held up waiting for a train to pass but this gave us a chance to chat with some lads on lightweight road bikes. Then they headed off to Deighton and we took the off road route to Brompton.

Plastic covering newly planted crops
I loved the wavy lines

When we got into Brompton , we decided not to carry on to Northallerton and stopped near a beautiful green spot. It has been spread with various types of seeds to attract wild life


Then we returned home our usual way through Yarm

The winds on Saturday did a complete turn about coming from the north so we decided to ride over to Durham, the reverse of last weeks ride. Unfortunately, when we got towards I had a fall on slurry at the crossing of the A167.

Poor surface
Careful crossing here

However, despite that , a lovely thing happened. A driver on the opposite carriageway saw me go down , went up to the roundabout and came back to check on me. By then, I was back up on my feet assisted by DH. Luckily, there was no real damage to the bike or me so I decided to carry on through.

Actually I think it was the best decision as it kept my leg moving and we rode along through Shildon where I stopped to take a photo of this old water fountain

Water fountain unfortunately not working but looks good

From here it was over to Bishop Auckland and on the old railway line Bishop Auckland to Brandon. Once there, it’s on to the Lanchester path turning off on NCN 70 into Durham. We had a bit of a problem following the signage as we wanted to head across to NCN 1. There has been so much building work going on. We ended up near Finchale Priory where we used to kayak to many years ago. So it was back into Durham and we found a way up Claypath and up through Gilesgate to Sherburn. Then we knew our way to Haswell so off we went home

Bruising not pretty

This was the state of my knee when we got home. Bad bruising but no real damage done. I am either a tough cookie or barmy idiot?

Mileage this week 138 miles. YTD 1109 miles


  1. “I am either a tough cookie or barmy idiot?” or possibly both? Well done for carrying on.

  2. I’m going to say that you’re pretty tough. The landscape you’re biking through must inspire you to keep going as well.

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