Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 19, 2022

A Very Happy Easter

On Maundy Thursday , we set off from home and rode across to Darlington and then took the main road up to Cockerton. From here we got on to the Staindrop road. Traffic was light and the sun was out so it was a lovely seeing all the new lambs gambolling in the fields that were separated by dry stonewalls. There are so many varieties of spring flowers blooming on the verges and the hawthorn hedges are white with blossom. Spring is here.

We stopped and had a refreshment break once in Staindrop and soon after we turned off the main road into Barnard Castle as traffic was increasing. On the small side road, we went down through South Cleatlam and on into Little Newsham. I had ridden here a few weeks ago when I had to abort my trip.

So we were soon into Barnard Castle and DH said to follow Komoot. I had a feeling that we should go left but turned right. Bad move.

Crossing point for bicycles on NCN route

We didn’t want to ride back up the hill , so unhitched the trailers and manhandled the bikes and trailers separately across the Deepdale aqueduct .

River Tees with castle in the background

We turned and climbed up from the river to the camping and caravanning club site at Lartington. We have been members for over 30 years and know the rules. So we got a pitch for the night but couldn’t get the bike batteries charged. No hook up available but they wanted to charge £3 per battery. The lady in a caravan next to us was going out and she too thought the charge was too high , let us plug in to her socket. Really pleased about that.

Next day, we headed back through Barnard Castle and along to Whorlton


View across the valley, oil seed rape fields are all in bloom

We to detour back through Winston and as we rode upstage hill we saw these Gipsy caravans. Probably will be at Appleby horse fair later in the year.

Horses for the caravans

From here we rode on through Richmond and stopped for refreshments in the priory gardens .

Then we rode along through Catterick garrison and there are some nice cycle paths through here. Then it was along towards Masham but we came across a road closed sign. We saw a chap walking his dog and asked if f we could get through. His answer made us laugh. “If THEY could party when they shouldn’t, you can get through.”

So we cycled off down the road and came to the blockage.

This was easy to get through but then further on , we had to do more lifting. Once over these troughs, we could cycle on to another fence that also needed shifting to get around. Still it saved at least adding another 6 miles.

So we were soon at a set of more road works just before Masham and on to Grewelthorpe. Just too late for the community cafe but one of the chaps remembered us from last year and retrieved a couple of brownies from the freezer. So kind of them.

We carried on into Richmond where we stopped to eat again and in addition bought the most delicious ice cream cornet from the little van on the market square. Although , the only sold small or medium size, the medium size was huge. So enjoyable.

Then it was on and camped up at Boroughbridge where we did get a hook up so everything was able to be charged up. We had a very comfortable night and had a fairly dry pack next morning

We chose to make a different route down to Riccall as we knew that the planet track was closed. This route was hillier and straighter and took us down through Whitley and Cattal before riding into Tockwith with its memorial to a flight that went down in 1945 killing both the crew and the postmaster.

Tockwith memorial

Then as the sun started to come through we had a second breakfast in Long Marston.

Long Marston

After this we were soon down onto the cycle track alongside the A64 and then crossing it and riding along to the Planet track. We stayed on this until Naburn and then took a small track off onto a very minor road until we went through Stillingfleet.

Just after this, I got a puncture on one of my trailer wheels. Fortunately, we had a spare inner tube so we got that changed quickly. Then on to Riccall where we bought delicious bread from Pickled at Riccall.

We got a lovely reception from Peggy and Rod at South Newlands farm. DS 1 drove up later and made us a delicious BBQ. He left early on Sunday morning to drive home.

Sunday saw us off to church in Selby and we heard that the Planet track had reopened so we checked it out. It had and relaid so far. We took the rest of the day , very quietly and enjoyed the sunshine.

During the night , it rained heavily and we could hear it come across in waves. So Monday saw us up at first light, and we packed up quickly. DH packing the sleeping equipment while I made us egg sandwiches as 1st breakfast. So we were on the road just after 8am, crossing the traffic on the A19 and on to the Planet track.

It has been resurfaced as far as Escrick sidings but then deteriorates again but they have done the worst part . We were soon up in York and again had to divert off the usual track due to roadworks. There is also a new part of cycleway near the water meadows towards Radcliffe.

We stopped at Tollerton but got our seats out as the bench was still wet. Pressing on we rode up to Asenby and along through Northallerton to stop on the green at Brompton. Now on “home turf” we powered on the usual way home.

So 220 miles for the trip bring my YTD to 850 miles.

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