Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 10, 2022

A couple of rides

Didn’t ride the early part of the week and then on Thursday I went to my quilt group. I intended to do a short ride after that but it was raining and windy so I didn’t bother.

Come Friday morning the sun was out but there was frost on the ground and it was bitterly cold first thing so we didn’t leave home until 9am. We had decided to pack up our lunch too so we could be out longer. I suggested riding to Northallerton as one of my church sisters lives there. I had decided a little embroidery I had done while cycling in the Hebrides should go to her.

Don’t trust Google to take you on a direct route on a bicycle. We got to Northallerton our usual way but switched on the app for directions. I took us a 2 mile detour through the countryside and almost to Yafforth before getting us to her address .

Mind you she was so pleased to see usando delighted with the gift.

Cycling back to Brompton, we stopped at the bus shelter, just as a bus was pulling out. That gave us the time to sit and toast our sandwiches and have hot chocolate, without anyone else needing to use the shelter. From there , when we got to Deighton, we turned off and rode through East Rownton, across to Hutton Rudby and then home via Maltby and Stainton. My monitor showed 53 miles so I was pleased to still feel fine.

What to do on Saturday. DH wanted to have time to cut grass for a friend so we decided on a shorter trip going along to Redcar byway of the Trunk Road. This meant we largely had a following wind. The waves were crashing in but there were not many people on the prom, so it was an easy ride particularly not having to avoid dogs on long leads.

Not a Banksy, but these cartoons are appearing across the area

Once in Marske , we decided to head homeward and rode back the way that would give us some shelter. The headwinds were still strong though so we stopped to rest in Kirkleatham grounds out of the wind. No sandwiches today but a biscuit sufficed.

Note the ski goggles – his eyes water really badly in the wind and these protect him

A lady told me about the Peter Rabbit exhibition that is on until the 22 May and is free. So I went and had a look at Beatrix Potter illustrations blown up.

Naughty Peter

So after this we carried on home and arrived just after noon. DH went grass cutting and I worked on a table mat that I need for quilt group.

So this weeks total was 79 miles and YTD 630 miles


  1. 53 miles is a good ride. You must have been very pleased.

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