Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 3, 2022

Back to winter weather

After last weeks lovely sunshine, we returned to cold rain and high winds, even snow at times.

I don’t know if the recent noro virus infection, the weather or the change in time contributed to my feelings of fatigue and lethargy , but it wasn’t until Saturday I could summon up the energy to go riding.

I haven’t been idle though and have finally finished up a quilt I have been working on for 15 months. It was made in monthly segments know as block of the month and published to star members of the quilt show. I am pleased with it but I can see all the faults. Others don’t.

The quilt represents one world and how we are connected in villages and cities. Each corner has a world recognised building.

one world
eifel tower or Blackpool ? take your pick
Big Ben on Tower of Westminster

I only got 22 miles of cycling in on Saturday and all locally so no photos to show. The daffodils are still blooming and there is cherry blossom on the trees.

Hopefully , I will a bit more motivated in the coming week. YTD 551miles. As I keep reminding myself that is more miles than most other women of my age butso much less than previous years.


  1. Don’t panic about the miles. There are times when nothing can be done about getting miles in but these times will change. The quilt looks faultless to me!

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