Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 16, 2022

Shingles update

Well I am pleased to say that the medication I was given , slowed down the spread of the shingles blisters. I now feel well again but still have pain along the course of the nerve. The blisters have crusted over and are drying out well. Funnily enough, the worst of the pain is not where there were any blisters.

I did a lot of sleeping earlier in the week and was well looked after by DH and DS’s who cooked and cleaned. By Friday, DH needed to go across to our chapel which is about 3miles across town so I said I would cycle with him.

We came back a slightly different way and so I managed 7 miles. There was no increase in pain so on Saturday afternoon, when it had warmed up a little , we went out again as there were a few groceries I wanted to pick up. I have to say the air left raw so we weren’t out for long and so in managed 14 miles for the week.

YTD 29 miles


  1. Take it carefully. Well done for getting out.

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