Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 9, 2022


Not the sort that go on American roofs but the painful viral infection that mainly affects the over 50’s who had chickenpox as children.

Well , we did have a short ride on Monday 3rd January as I forgot it was a bank holiday and had a few appointments. When I got home , there was some sun so we rode along the river . Only 10 miles but little did I know that would be it for the rest of the week.

Tuesday I was busy working all day and on Wednesday when DH suggested a ride I declined as I felt a bit ‘Off Colour’. Nothing specific but a bit of ache that I thought might be the start of a kidney infection

It wasn’t until I got undressed for bed that I saw the beginning of the rash. Drat! I recognised what it probably was. Thank goodness for our NHS. I phoned and got though to a receptionist who emailed me so I could send a photo of said rash. Within an hour , I was talking to a nurse who confirmed my suspicions. Medication was then despatched from the pharmacy we use and I started on painkillers and an antiviral.

I am doing ok but still have pain but it looks like the rash is calming down. No working for me, and I am resting up. I have changed my tickets to get to Portugal until early February so hopefully I will be well enough to go.

YTD 15 miles


  1. Shingles is nasty so I hope that you recover well. Take it gently.

  2. Bad luck, Brenda! I hope you’ll soon be fit and well, enjoying some balmy Portuguese weather (and some splendid cycling).

    • As I always say, you never know what is around the corner. Make the most of each day. At least I have a bit more time to learn more Portuguese

  3. Hope you soon recover Brenda and your trip still goes ahead. I know how painful it can be, I had shingles in my head many years ago, and still suffer with pain in my head sometimes during the cold winter months.

    • Thanks Mike. It’s around my waist and this morning I can see a reduction in the redness of the rash. Still got pain though

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