Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 2, 2022

Welcome 2022

Well , the first day of the new year dawned dry and there was a little sun.

DH and DS1 had some work to sort out a rear view camera on the car and so I went off for a short ride, solo. I couldn’t be long because of a commitment to visit family at noon.

Needing to feel more prepared for my hoped for trip to Portugal, I set off on my Dahon. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty windy with gusts of 30 mph so it was a fairly slow ride, but I took it at my own pace.

Só, along and around the local cemetery / nature reserve and then into Albert Park. There were lots of people out walking because of the very mild weather. It was lovely to call out “ happy new year” and get a pleasant response from most.

I looked for the only cygnet that survived from the 2021 brood but could see it. Also I recently saw a heron there too but not there.

I was so enjoying the ride, that I stopped to take off my jacket, as I was sweating, and rode on further , up to what locally is called Devil’s bridge. It’s just a little bridge across a stream and I have no idea why.

I turned for home then and found my men folk had finished there work so it was time for a quick shower and off visiting.


Later in the day, at the table, I saw this ladybird on our table. I think the warmer weather, has brought it out.

YTD 5.5 miles


  1. You are tougher than me. The wind was too much for me.

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