Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 5, 2021

More Wintery Weather

After the devastating storm of last weekend, the winds remained gusty for most of the week but I was working so no cycling in the early part of the week.

I was out of bed at 5am and glanced out of the window. Dry and no snow. At 6am , it couldn’t have been more different.

Early morning snow.

I had spent some time during the week making a small gift to take to my quilt group. It is a place to put pins, needles, small scissors and threads and folds up neatly to keep it all contained. Super for using on the arm of a chair or table when hand sewing

Sewing kit

My son took me across as I wasn’t too keen to drive on the snowy , icy roads. I was correct, there was chaos on the roads .

In show and tell my Star Wars quilt was much admired which pleased me. The numbers at quilt group were much reduced and I had to leave early for a medication review. The nurse was delighted when she weighed me and I am 10 kgs lighter than the last recording in 2008!!

The snow cleared fairly quickly but left cold, windy raw feeling weather. We did get short rides in over Friday and Saturday . Just close to home, along the river but different ways over both days. We did include getting in shopping too. We thought we might extend the ride a bit on Saturday, but as rain started in Stockton , we decided to head home. So this week was only 25 miles. YTD 4172 miles


  1. That’s a very clever sewing kit! For some reason the photo won’t enlarge which is a shame – they normally do.

    • Very easy to make- strips 9×3” quilted and bound. TBH the binding takes the most time. Th3n arranged and stitched as you see

      • Thank you Brenda – I might have a go.

  2. A miserable week for getting out at all and next week is not looking much better.

  3. That is a very cool looking sewing kit!

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