Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 14, 2021

Topping 4000 miles

Well, I was determined that I would get 40 miles in during this week to get my 4000 miles in for the year. Monday morning was dry and I went out solo in the early dawn. I only did 7 miles but it was a start.

Mostly , it was just chipping away with small mileages .

On Friday, I went with DS1 to Cyclesense in Tadcaster. He had some handlebars to pick up. He has had them on order for a long time – thanks in part to Brexit- so I had a mooch about. I saw this unusual bicycle and thought of my friend Pip who is well over 6’5” tall.

36” wheels
Bicycle info

On Thursday , we had a morning ride exploring some local routes in Stockton. I didn’t want to be too far from home as I had an appointment to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in about 50 years. We were volunteer lifeguards back in the 1960’s and through social media got in touch. His wife had to come down to Stockton to have some medical treatment so we arranged to meet at Morrison’s which was nearby. I rode over on my Dahon as I could put it in the trolley locker by folding it in half. Although only a short visit as her treatment was completed quickly, we did enjoy some catching up and reminiscing about our youth. Awww how the years fly by. Do things while you can.

So Saturday was fairly mild and not too windy so off we went. I did take the stove and gas but forgot the frying pan to make the cheese toasties- duh!

We rode across to Thornaby for me to pick up a sewing machine part for me and then went on a local route to Stockton from where we headed along on another track we haven’t used too much towards Redmarshall and then up to Stillington. We carried on along quiet roads towards Gt Stainton . I find it strange that sometimes, because we approach somewhere from a different direction I don’t recognise where we are. We went through the village and down the bank intending to go to Sadberge. However, we took a wrong turn and as we approached Little Stainton, realised we had taken a wrong turn.

However, we stopped in Bishopton for hot chocolate and a biscuit but saved the sandwich for home. It was lovely to sit and enjoy the autumn sun and tree colours despite the leaves everywhere.

Bishopton war memorial and golden trees

So from here we returned home and had our cheese toasties.

So this week I rode 73 miles making YTD 4033 miles.


  1. Well done hitting that milestone! 😀

  2. Well done. 4000 miles is a very good target I think. 🙂

  3. Well done you!

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