Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 7, 2021

November 2021

Well, the first few days of November continued with miserable weather, wet and windy. The weatherman says it’s been warmer in October than usual but I think it’s been much windier than usual.

I have also noticed that there seem to be more verge flowers when we finally got to ride on Friday. I don’t know what they are but they are a pretty lavender coloured and many petalled . I couldn’t get a photo though as I forgot my camera. duh!

Thursday had a bright sunny morning but I went to my quilt group meeting. It is so good to be able to meet up with like minded lasses but there were less there than usual. Covid rates have been on the rise and I think this might be the reason. Many of the ladies are older and either they or their husbands have underlying health conditions.

Before Covid, we started to make small quilts for Butterwick hospice which the group has been associated with for many years. I didn’t piece this little scrap quilt but was asked to quilt it. As yesterday was another wet and windy day, I managed to finish it off and I am pleased with how it has turned out. My son pointed out, there are many different textures which will be interesting for those who have poor sight.

Small scrap lap quilt.
Some of the texture

I also had a new great nephew born this weekend and this bright little quilt will be going down the country to him soon.

Another slightly larger scrappy quilt

Now to Friday. I know it was only 25 miles but we really hadn’t done much in 3 weeks. I suggested a ride over to Sadberge as the community cafe is open with indoor seating. The wind was still a quite gusty south westerly and we rode across into the headwind through Stockton and Long Newton before the cycle track alongside the A66. I was acknowledged you a passing motorcyclist as he passed by and that was a surprise.

When we got to the Sadberge cafe, the same ladies were serving and it was nice to be welcomed back. There was also a chap who was there last time and he too spoke to us. Turns out he is a local art teacher who works across the NE in various community centres. He is such a regular there he has his own huge mug that the ladies got him to save him returning for refills.

We came back towards Stockton but towards Norton before turning off onto a familiar cycle track and back home.

DH has taken my Swytch kit off my Dahon as I am hoping to go to Portugal and cycle tour with my Irish friend. I need to practice without e-assist so that I don’t slow J down. We decided between us to use folders we this will give us the flexibility to access public transport if needed. I have bought myself an ultralight 2 person tent to save on weight as DH normally carries the tent. He doesn’t want to come.

On the strength of this hoped for trip , I have started to try to learn some Portuguese. I digress. After we got back , I rode the Dahon on a short trip of 7 miles locally so that was 32 miles. YTD 3960 miles


  1. The folders seem like a very sensible idea for your trip.

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