Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 17, 2021

A difficult week.

We have an adult son who is on the autistic spectrum and part of this means he has a very high pain threshold. This isnt always a good thing because he can get quite ill before we realise there is anything wrong. He has been away on holiday with his autism group and came back at the weekend. On Monday morning, he told me he felt unwell and his mouth hurt. The upshot of this was I got an emergency appointment and took him to the dentist.

I turned out he had not one, but two abscesses. We got antibiotics but after that he went further downhill. The lateral flow test was negative, thank goodness but he then had 3 days of almost continuous vomiting. He needed to be kept hydrated and fortunately after 3 seizures as well, he is on the mend.

On Thursday, we got a short 33 miles cycle ride in ,going locally on a nice day. We went up to Thornaby and then back across to go to Billingham. This was delivering stuff by hand so it was a ride with a purpose. Back across through Stockton, we followed NCN1 past the hospital and decided to try the off road route. Stockton has been removing some of the obstacles and we wondered if there many have been some improvements. Unfortunately not , although they have put in a bit of signage. One showed the way to Carlton. We could see a bit of tarmac path but it quickly deteriorated and we realised we had taken a long way to get to this point. So much for that cycle track. I would rather have used the road.

part of NCN1 – not recommended

Once back to Redmarshall , we returned home in mild sunshine. I called in and got my flu vaccine which resulted in a very sore arm and feeling off colour on Friday, so no cycling.

On Saturday, DH was very busy as we are having a rehash of our home. Rooms will be getting changed around so as we have lived here for 44 years, you can imagine we have a lot of stuff to shift or get rid of.

So I took the opportunity to go off on my own. Again very locally but it meant I could stop and take photos at will. In Stewart Park , we have the Captain Cook Museum. There are a couple of sculptures that took my fancy.

Stewart Park

As I cycled away I was stopped again to photograph this coming out of the cafe wall.

Finally I took another seldom used path but came to a familiar place and again stopped to take photo of my folding bike near this sculpture.

Dahon Folder

So a low mileage this week of 42 miles YTD3928 miles. The weather forecast for next week doesnt look hopeful for aa big mileage


  1. This sculptures took my fancy too. I was sorry to read about your son’s problems, but I was pleased to find that you were able to get an emergency appointment.

    There is quite a lot about the National Cycle routes in our area that I am not happy about.

  2. Is the last sculpture a Viking? Do you know anything about why he’s there?

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