Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 10, 2021

A slightly better week

The early part of the week was wild , wet and windy so there wasn’t any cycling that I did. However, luckily there was a change in the weather on Thursday and so we decided to head out into the predicted SW wind and go down to Northallerton.

We chose to ride across to Yarm and up to Kirklevington but as it was only 8.30am when we left, we got into slow moving traffic through Yarm. It was good to see that the road outside Yarm school has been resurfaced so that made it much easier.

Turning along Forest Lane , KIrklevington, we rode along towards Appleton Wiske and then on through Deighton and Brompton and into Northallerton. Here , I called into Boyes , a shop that sells all sorts of things including fabric. I want some more netting to do some more landscape art quilting.

We then rode back to Deighton but then turned off onto a much quieter road. It was lovely to see the Cleveland Hills in the distance.

Cleveland Hills

Then it was back to Hutton Rudby where we stopped on the Green and i got out the stove and made cheese toasties to have with hot chocolate.

Then it was home via Maltby and Hemlington. Most of the day was sunny and warm for the time of year.

Friday, was another sunny day with prevailing westerly winds. So we decided to head off to Shildon to have a brief visit to the Locomation museum. This is free entry but they ask for donation if you can. Really I only wanted to use the loo but I did take a photo of the first steam railway engine that pulled passengers – Locomotion1.

The first commercial steam train

According to the notice boards, the train was upgraded over the years. It had a top speed of 15mph which is the speed that my e-bike stops giving motor assistance.

We chose to come back vis Cozy Coffee and then stopped for a muffin and hot chocolate . Rosie won’t be open for much longer this year so we are trying to support when we can.

We did choose to ride back along the river and were surprised to see just how low the water levels were. It was possibly a neap tide but I didn’t look it up. However, you only see the sand bank in the middle here when levels are low.

looking scummy but there was a big drop on the barrage

Everywhere, I have been seeing masses of these purple flowers that look a bit like daisies. So pretty in the sunshine.

So even though I only got to ride on 2 days , I still managed 101 miles making YTD 3886 miles


  1. You made good use of the fine days.

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