Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 3, 2021

Autumn is upon us.

First , I didn’t show this photo last week but at the Festival of Thrift , I happened to see this lovely, if in need of repair, old tricycle for ice cream.

Those were the days of ice cream carts

Now this week , I was back working and as I had been off galavanting , I was very busy. Combined with inclement weather on Thursday and booster injection on Saturday, it didnt leave much time for cycling.

However, despite a wet start to Friday, we needed to see our son off on his holiday with his autism group. By the time he had gone, the sun had come out. The wind was gusting at about 30 mph and the side gusts were not pleasant. We weren’t too sure where we were headed but took it as it came. Eventually, we went to Sadberge and called at the community run cafe in the village hall.

It was lunchtime, so we enjoyed a cheese toastie and then chocolate cake. It was delicious.

The view looked lovely in the sunshine and the wind turbines were turning readily.

panorama from Sadberge
plenty of electric generation going on.

So really , it was a measly 25 miles this week. Still better than nothing. I don’t think next week will be much better either. YTD 3785 miles


  1. Well done for going out at all in such discouraging weather! It was wet and windy all week here as well, so I rode no further than you, but whatever the weather next week, I won’t be out on the bike. I’m having surgery on my leg tomorrow and have been told not to walk or stand, and certainly not cycle, for at least a week, which is the unkindest cut of all!

    • I hope you recover well Felicity and you are soon up and about again

      • Thanks for your good wishes, Brenda. All went well and I’m now enjoying R&R at the home of a fellow cyclist.

  2. It has not been cycling weather, I agree.

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