Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 27, 2021

Hebridean Surprizes

I was all typed out yesterday but want to share some more of our adventures. The biggest surprize was at Horgabost campsite. After a very windy night, and not carrying on cycling north in dangerous cross winds , I went to the shower area. I was bent down over a waste paper basket and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the profile of a ladies face. I thought ‘ wow! that looks like Ilona.’ As I straightened up and we faced each other we both exclaimed each others names.

Now I know Ilona through her Meanqueen blog and we have met up a couple of times over the years. We couldn’t believe that we were both on the same campsite in an obscure small island out in the North Atlantic.

Ilona aka Meanqueen and myself

She came over to see DH and he recognised her voice as she came across to our tent. She ws as pleased to see us, as we her.

Later on in our trip, she came down and saw us awaiting the ferry to Eriskay having past us on the road. We are a bit distinctive with our trailers and my yellow jacket and DH’s orange one. Still it makes for better visibility especially on the single track passing place roads.

The other surprise was a traffic jam on North Uist!!

You don’t expect hold ups on such small roads.

traffic jam on North Uist

The cattle just roam freely about the islands and there is nothing to do but just wait until they pass. I remember my friend Margaret who had experience of cattle telling me to make myself look as large as possible if confronted with cattle. So I held my arms out wide and they soon passed by. On the other side , there was a long tail back waiting for them to plod along the road.

Duncan, at the Tractor shed is from West Yorkshire and has built his small business over a few years.

peat fire

His huts are based on Hebridean cupboard beds and we were able to lye in bed with the doors open and enjoy the flames from the fire. There wasn’t too much heat but there is something about seeing flames dance about. I wonder if these cupboard beds go all the way back to the Viking culture as I have seen similar in museums in Orkney and Norway. It was a interesting to hear that a Yorkshire man was making his living up here with these turf roofed camping huts.

Tractor shed huts, North Uist

On the last Sunday, we cycled 63 miles back onto Barra and to Castlebay for a guest house. We were so pleased that tourist information were able to help on a Sunday as they are often closed. They charged £5 for the service but we were so pleased to get this help. Glad I phoned before 4pm as they closed at 5pm.

Finally I would like to share a photo of a small quilt I made after we got back. It was an impression of the countryside of North Uist when we saw trees bent by the prevailing SW wind. I didn’t have a photo but its just an impression from memory.

impression of North Uist – small quilt

So including the riding around here since we got back we have amassed another 302 miles so YTD 3760 miles


  1. That is a very lovely little quilt. We walked round Barra just after we got married and I always remember it fondly.

    • its good that you have been to Barra. so few people have been there, in my experience especially Scots

  2. I was as amazed as you were. Never imagined I would see someone I know, so far away from home.

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