Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 29, 2021

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…

Autumn. Although it is apparently still summer but you would not think it by the grey, mizzly days we have been having. Now the winds are starting to pick up too. However, I have still managed to get some cycling in.

I started cycling again on Tuesday after a lay off of over a week. Rest combined with massage and ice packing seems to have done the trick but I still only cycled 7 miles to start.

Thursday was another cool, grey day but I wanted to try a longer ride. I contacted Rosie of Cozy Coffee and she was going to be open . They are all fine and neither her or her husband went down with the Covid virus I am pleased to report.

While there I enjoyed a chocolate muffin with mint aero on the top which was delicious. We were chatting to a couple of guys and didn’t realise one is someone I know of FB.

Then, still feeling good , we came back via Darlington but I didn’t take any photos.

Friday was awful weather but we did venture out on the bikes for some shopping but not far. It really felt like we were in late autumn not late summer.

Now Saturday was a complete reversal. Now I am not saying it was hot sunshine but at least it was sunny.

We took an early ride up through Great Ayton and along to Guisborough on the A173 passing Roseberry Topping on the way. Once there I called into Leven Crafts and bought a pack of hand sewing needles. I know it’s only a small thing but another sewing shop has had to close recently. I am trying to shop local whenever I can.

From here, we rode up through Dunsdale and then turned off for Errington woods. The views across Teesside from here are extensive.

Industrial Teesside
Wind Turbines off Redcar

Then there is a lovely swoop down into New Marske and along to Saltburn which was heaving with visitors. As it’s a bank holiday weekend, people must have been making the most of the good weather, as it isn’t forecast to be good on Monday.

We had a sit overlooking the sea and had 2nd breakfast

There were plenty of people surfing and swimming in the sea and DH remarked I should have brought my swimming costume.

Looking south to Huntcliff

Then we got chatting to a couple of ladies also enjoying the sunshine. They were interested in our bicycles and we told them of some of our recent adventures. Then it was time to return home along the coast through a crowded Redcar and along to home via the Trunk Road

This weeks total added up to 95 miles and YTD 3447 miles


  1. I am glad that you got a decent sunny ride in. It looks like a well chosen route.

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