Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 22, 2021

What NO cycling?

I am afraid not. The pain in my right calf persisted all week. DH drove me to appointments and massaged my leg gently every day while I applied anti-inflammatory gel and applied ice packs. I can say it is very very much better and I drove the car without any problem today. Hopefully I will be able to cycle next week.


  1. The weather should be better so that might help.

  2. Ah man that’s no good. Take it easy and don’t rush back before you’re healed up.

  3. Commiserations, Brenda, and I hope you will soon be back on the bike. If it’s any consolation to you, which it probably isn’t, I’m laid up too, awaiting surgery on my leg.

    • should be. Much better today. Sad to hear you are awaiting surgery and hope you get it done swiftly

    • how are you doing Felicity?

  4. Get well soon. Best wishes to all.

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