Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 25, 2021

More heat and humidity

The early part of the week was very hot – for us in the NE – with temperatures of 30 C. As I spend most of my working days swathed in plastic aprons . gloves and masks it was almost unbearable. I didnt even feel like going out after work as it was so hot.

On Tuesday, DH decided to have a day cycling on his own and so left the house at 4.40am. Yes he is a bit OTT. He was in Jarrow by 8.00am and sat and chatted to my brother in his garden before setting out once more to Durham and then home via a round about route. He has never had much idea of maps and so he rode further than he needed to but was very pleased with his 113 miles ride and was home before I finished work.

On Thursday, I had to take the car in for servicing and MOT test so we loaded our folders into the car. This gave us an opportunity to have a ride across to Eppleby for a very nice fruit scone and an ice cold drink.

On the way back, we called into see Stanwick camp near Forcett that we have ridden past many times. Today , because we had plenty of time to get back, DH agreed to mind the bikes while I went for a little wander.

an English Heritage site.

This is free to enter and there are stairs leading up to a rampart. As it has been sunny and warm, the paths were not muddy but I can image how clarty it would be on wetter days. This was part of a power centre for the Brigantes tribe who ruled in northern Britain in pre Roman times. The defences were in some parts cut into rock and are nearly 4 miles long and enclose an area that is 766 acres. Following the Roman conquest, the Brigantes centre moved to the Aldborough Roman site.

the information board is well worn

I walked some way and the views were good but I didnt want to go too far and keep DH waiting.

looking south east

So once back in Darlington, Dh set off for home and I returned to the garage where they gave me cold water to drink and refilled my water bottle. Mine was luke warm with all the heat.

On Friday, Dh suggested a ride to see friends in Peterlee and we havent seen them since last year so that was out destination for the day. We rode up past Hurworth burn and had a chat to the lads we refer to as ‘Last of the summer wine’. Then it was across towards Station town but the track was blocked due to building work and we had to negotiate a steep muddy track, cross a road and then find another steep decent back onto NCN 1. It is not well sign posted.

At Shotton Colliery , we followed the local route across to Peterlee and our friends welcomed us with hugs. As it was warm we sat in the garden and were asked if we would like to pick blackcurrents . I picked well over 2 lbs and then later in the day at home made jam. Its a pity the only jars I had were huge so I only got 2 jars.

We decided to return by dropping down through Horden onto the coast road , through Blackhall and into Hartlepool. These mining villages havent really recovered from the loss of the pits.

In Hartlepool, we sat at the marina for a snack and the sky was so blue that we could have been in a southern Europe country.

Hartlepool Marina
Maritime Museum

Then it was back across the fields and to Cowpen Bewley.

Saturday, we had things to do and so just had a short ride up to Hilton and back via Thornaby.

weekly miles 89miles and YTD 3353 miles


  1. 113 miles is an impressive ride and the camp was pretty impressive too.

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