Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 18, 2021

Make hay while the sun shines

or get out and cycle!!

The weather in the latter part of the week has been blazing hot here in the NE of the UK and I had a very full 3 days of working so we were all ready to go out on Thursday except I had to stay in to take an important phone call.

So we didn’t actually get off until nearly 11am which is very late for us. The destination was to be Wellbury , a small village near Northallerton. Its a bit off the usual routes so I have never been through it previously. However, the local CTC group ( now Cycling UK) have installed an old style CTC winged wheel logo on a pub there. We along with other local cyclists had been invited to the unveiling of the said plaque.

So off we set up through Appleton Wiske and instead of turning right through the village, we turned left and on to Wellbury.

Other cyclists were already congregating and we were happy to buy some crisps and a pint of lime and lemonade before the introduction by Janet De Bourg the local chairwoman.

gathering of the cyclists
winged wheel emblem
Janet De Bourg and Cheryl the landlady

We choose to ride back through Hutton Rudby and down through Skutterskelfe to Stokesley and home through Newby just to get a few more miles in.

Friday also dawned with sunshine and we were out early to a longer way to Cozy Coffee, the lovely little coffee bus near Brafferton. So off we went , through Norton and up towards Hurworth butn but we turned off and went on the road to Trimdon Village andinto Bishop Middlesham.

in the land of the Prince Bishops

We then carried on through Fishburn, Ferryhill and down to Chilton. It is many years since I was last there, and like other places, it has spread out with new housing.

We stopped near the library, thankful for a place to sit out of the sun and had second breakfast. Fortified, we then started off and used the cycleway down to Rushyford and then on quite lanes to Shildon. We didn’t stop at Locomotion the railway museum this time but used the cycle way back into Newton Aycliffe and with great care crossed the end of the dual carriage way into Aycliffe Village before having to rejoin the main road for a short diatnce down hill. Turning left , we climbed the hill and crossed the bridge over the A1 before getting our chocolate muffins at Rosie’s place. It was so lovely to see her looking well.

We made our way home through Great Stainton and Bishopton.

By now we had clocked up more than 90 miles in the two days so Saturday was to be a shorter day which was just as well the temperature was due to hit 30C which for us is very unusual. I warned DH in advance that I was going to swim in the sea. I tried on both my swimming costumes only to discover one was far too big and the other while loose was wearable.

So we rode to Redcar and I confidently walked to the water. I felt like I was 17 and not 70! I did enjoy the swim while DH looked after the cycles. The beach was busy with many families and reminded me of how it was in the 1960s when I was a volunteer lifeguard on the beaches at South Shields.

Redcar Beach with the now defunct steel works in the background

Then it was home through Marske and a stop to eat at Kirkleatham Museum. There is an exhibition of tapestry weaving that I had a quick look at but I will be going back in September to see in more detail.

On th e way , we rode through Lazenby village to see another CTC logo. This time not on a public house. It had been on the pub next door but when it was refurbished , it was taken down and binned. The neighbour rescued it and put it on his house. I hope he doesn’t get too many cyclists calling in.

in Lazenby village not on the pub.

So this week, we cycled 120 miles. So YTD 3264miles


  1. How nice to have someone to look after your bicycle while you had a swim.

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