Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 11, 2021

The best laid plans——–

Well, I was back to work this week and managed to get in two short rides. I had a dental appointment on Thursday afternoon, so after the dental treatment, there wasn’t time. So we decided on a nice route for Friday and all was ready to go out early. That was until 5.00am Friday morning.

I had slept well but woke up feeling slightly sick. I never suffered with morning sickness during pregnancy and that phase of life is well behind me. As the feeling increased , I decided the bathroom would be a good place to go. Good call as just after I got there , I vomited violently. DH heard me and came along to see what was going on. A good job he did as I was about to collapse on the floor.

Well, after another bout, he got me back into bed and I slept most of the day, just waking to drink. I took a lateral flow test to be on the safe side but it was negative . Phew, thank goodness for that.

Well, on Saturday, I still didn’t feel like I was operating on all cylinders and had no appetite and a raw throat. However , today, I am back to normal. Strange how these things happen.

So 14 miles to add to my yearly total. YTD 3144 miles

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