Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 23, 2021

Golden Wedding Tour 2021 – part 3

Bristol was a rest day. DH took the time to thoroughly clean and check the bikes over while I went swanning off.

I had arranged to meet up with another cycling friend who I met through the Cycle Touring Festival, Caroline the Poet.

I am old fashioned and always think of her as a poetess.

We met and rode up in a beautiful Victorian cemetery, and on the way we stopped to admire the view of the Clifton suspension bridge, across the city.

one of the information boards
Caroline the poetess

We stopped and had some refreshments after our riding up the hill and then had a wander around to see war graves and those who gave their lives for us today.

Then it was back down to Libby’s and we met some of her Polish dog walking friends. They were most surprised when I greeted them in my very limited Polish but said I had a great accent. Later they gifted us some Polish chocolates which over the course of the next week, we rationed ourselves to eat. They were yummy.

In the evening, we cycled over towards the Suspension bridge and picked up some take away Chinese food to picnic on the grass overlooking Clifton. It was such a beautiful evening and many others had a similar idea but everyone was very good about social distancing.

DH and Libby at Clifton suspension bridge

We also had a tour of local spots of interest. I particularly loved the old iron work and could see a quilting pattern in this balcony,

beautiful iron work
look at those house colours

All to soon, it was time to leave as Libby had other guests arriving to stay on Sunday evening. Libby has a lovey sight hound Pip that she rescued in Spain. He is the loveliest dog and rides in a backpack on her front , looking like a baby kangaroo.

Libby and Pip the sight hound

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