Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 16, 2021

100 miles in a day

Finally at the ripe old age , I can say I have cycled 100 miles in a day. It happened on Thursday DH’s 70th birthday.

new slimmer me

I was surprised when he asked me to accompany him as he usually does his birthday solo. We didn’t intend to ride 100 miles but he suggested riding up to Jarrow to see my younger brother and then ride home. He did this alone last year and within a day or two had a mini-stroke which he has made a wonderful recovery from. Maybe, the thought of that made him ask me.

A kiss for luck

So we made an early start just after 6.00am and headed across to the Castle Eden walkway . It was a bit misty but not enough to dampen us. We came off the route at Shotton Colliery to avoid a stretch of the route we know can be very muddy. Up through Haswell and down to South Hetton where we rejoined NCN1 and rode up through the gorse lined track.

NCN1 South Hetton to Ryhope

As it wasn’t a warm day, the gorse didn’t smell as it sometimes does. It always reminds me of coconut,. I have to say the surface wasn’t the best but we manage well enough.

We missed a turning in Sunderland and ended up in road works but eventually crossed the river Wear on the Queen Alexandra bridge and then picked up NCN7 for a bit towards the Spire bridge. Then we came off the route and cycled up through West Boldon and picked up a local cycle route through Primrose and so to my brothers.

While it wasn’t sunny, it was alright sitting in the garden to chat and eat our usual second breakfast.. Then it was down to South Shields. The idea had been to get a Minchella’s ice cream at Ocean road where we used to go as teenagers. Unfortunately, it was shut, so I took this photo of a local hero, John Simpson Kirkpatrick.

Simpson and his donkey

He was with the Anzac forces in the Gallipoli campaign( part of WW1) and as a boy he worked with donkeys. He provided first aid and brought men back from the front working with donkeys in Turkey. Unfortunately , he was killed in action helping wounded soldiers. I can remember my great granda talking about him and taking me to see a much smaller bronze in the museum that this is based upon.

So we did get our ice cream later, on the seafront at a Minchella’s that was open. DH asked if we could go back through Seaham so as I was feeling fine, off we went along the coast .

Seaham Harbour.

As you can see , it was pretty mist along there. I have long wanted to see the Tommy statue there, so we asked and found it near the front.

Seaham ‘Tommy’

I have to say, decades ago as a teenager, I worked as part of my training at Seaham Hall. In those days , they did some of the first heart valve replacement operations, in what was essentially an old miners sanitorium. Its now a swish hotel and the sea front has been done up really well. There are new shops and cafe’s.


So , off again we used an off road cycle track up to cross the A19 and found our way across the remnants of old slag heaps. This was an area riddled with coal mines. We emerged at the east end of South Hetton and its no wonder we have missed this turning on other occasions. There was a convenient bench so I pulled out the stove and made the cheese toasties but alas , I had left the flask of hot water at home. We didn’t want to wait for a kettle to boil so no hot oxo. Duh!!!

Then as we were nearing our turn off for Station Town, DH again asked how I was feeling and suggested riding through Hartlepool. So that is what we did and and came back through Cowpen Bewley. Unfortunately, as we neared Haverton Hill, DH got a puncture so it was in with a new tube.

Puncture repairing

So it was home just after 6.30pm. We arrived home to find that out Muslim neighbours we celebrating Eid and had brought our family a meal. It was so appreciated.

My monitor had recorded 101 miles but DH’s said 97. For me its a 100 and I hope you agree.

On Friday, I was shattered but DH was fresh as a daisy!!

We did have a short ride on Saturday to get another puncture repair outfit and came back along the river and through Albert Park. There is still work going on by the Environment agency but they havent destroyed all of the cowslips I love to see,


Next Friday , DH and I are leaving on an extended cycle tour to celebrate our 50 years of marriage. The actual date isnt until the end of the year but that’s not a good time for us to cycle tour. I hope to be able to maintain the blog as we go, but who knows.

126 miles this week and YTD1787miles

I haven’t been slow on the sewing front either. I have finished this centre part of a quilt using the patterns from the quilt show.


  1. Congratulations on the record-breaking milage; on celebrating your half-century of happy marriage, and on maintaining good health, energy and fitness into your eighth decades. Enjoy your upcoming tour, wherever it takes you!

  2. Very impressive! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Joe. I’m coming up to 74 this month. Still going, so far so good.
    All the very best.
    Jim Morris

  4. 100 miles deserves a resoundng cheer. Well done indeed.

  5. You should have sent DH around the block to top his up to 100! 😂

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