Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 9, 2021

When will we get summer?

Monday , was the usual cool, wet day for a British bank holiday. We watched the weather and got out early for a shortish river ride but got home just as the rain/sleet came on. Phew that was lucky.

Tuesday was even worse in our area. I had planned to have the day off work as I had hoped to be camping but it wasn’t to be. So I did some work and then DH and I DROVE!!! to check out a route I have planned on Komoot. It will be fine apart form one steep twisty descent that we will need to be careful on.

We intend setting off for our Golden Wedding tour on 21 May and this was to check out a campsite near to Pateley Bridge which will be the first stop. It isnt our actual anniversary until the end of the year but we wont be cycle camping them. After that its across country and heading south. Our eventual aim is the LDS London Temple which is near Blindley Heath south of London where we were married back in 1971.

So enough of that. Back to this week. On Thursday , our ride took us to Appleton Wiske so I could take back a book I borrowed from the bus stop ‘library’. This one in the village is really well organised into ficton and non-fiction and all alphabetically catalogued. The one I was returning was a Bernard Cornwell one about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

So from there , we rode up to Hornby and turned onto route 165 and across the main road and climbed up to Girsby.

looking across to All Saints Church Girsby

From here, we carried on through Low Dinsdale and across the Tees to ride along to Neasham where we turned up past the golf course and on to Middleton St George. From here, it was up to Sadberge riding under the bridge of the A66. Here we met up with some of the CTC people we know from the area. The ladies in the village hall were quite happy, if a little shocked to see so many of us. We had all ridden separately except for a group of 6 from the Boro. We were able to sit socially distanced and enjoyed a flap jack and hot chocolate.

dressed for the weather

Then as it was a bit rainy/sleety we rode the shorter way home although we decided to go along the river and get some shopping before going home.

Dark skies

We almost fgot home before the sleet started in earnest.

The forecast for Friday was worse for during the day , so the early morning saw us riding over to Cowpen Bewley and Billingham before heading across to Norton and then following a local cycle way that was new to us. We did eventually find Durham Road that I recognised from years ago when I worked at North Tees Hospital and used to cycle there that way.

Then it was home again just beating the rain home.

Saturday morning again was not good. I ventured out solo for a few short miles but I amassed a total of 109 miles so not bad for a bit a a soggy week. YTD 1661miles


  1. You did well to get your hundred in in spite of the weather. A fine picture of the black clouds.

  2. The weather presents a real challenge for those who like outdoor activities! Well done for perservering.

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