Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 2, 2021

The driest , coldest April for years

Officially , this is what we have been told for April 2021 and I believe them. There have been so many bitterly cold frosty mornings and so we haven’t done as much early morning riding as is usual at this time of year but still have been cycling.

Usually, it has been after work for the short rides. Thursday was out ,as we had to help DS2 with an interview with the DWP. He is on the autistic spectrum so its not easy for him.

Friday, looking at the forecast we decided to take a chance as the forecast said rain. However, by 8.00am it was sunny so we got ready to go out. Well, in that time it clouded over and as we started to leave the house, the rain had arrived. Undeterred, we went back inside and put on wet weather gear. I have to say, the Showers Pass gear works well at keeping is dry and not sweaty.

So we headed along the Trunk road towards Redcar, into a bit of a headwind and then down to the prom.

wind turbines just visible

As you can see , the view was a bit blocked by rain coming down.

Looking south, the headlands beyond Saltburn could be seen with Huntcliffe the nearest.

View of Huntcliffe and beyond

As we rode along DH said, “Shall we bother going to Saltburn?”. The knitting shop has gone , so I said we might as well go home. So once in Marske , we turned for home coming back through Eston and Normanby. I spent the rest of the day stitching away.

On Saturday, despite another gloomy forecast, we had seen that Cozy Coffee had reopened so that was the ride for the day. We went out early in sunshine and took a slightly longer way via Carlton and Redmarshall. There are a couple of steep climbs and DH needed to stop to take off a layer of clothing. I took this photo as there is so much rapeseed flowering around here.

rapeseed growing.

I know many people are allergic to it, but fortunately not me or DH.

It was lovely to see Rosie and her helper Ann, at Cozy Coffee and now that I have shifted over 2 sts in weight , I treated myself to cake and a hot chocolate. We decided to take a longer route home , as there still hadn’t been any rain. So it was down to Darlington and along the A66 cycle path to Sadberge where we called to see out nephew and gt nephew briefly, outside of course.

Then we rode down to Middleton One Row and along to Yarm before heading to the river in Stockton and riding along to the Transporter Bridge. BTW it is still closed needing much more renovation. It is a symbol of the town , so I do hop the money can be found for this.

So this week I managed to clock up 94 miles and YTD 1552 miles.


  1. Rapeseed makes me ill if I breathe in too much of it so I have to be careful when I cycle past a field of it. It has been a month of afternoon cycle rides for me.

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