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First Cycle-camping trip of 2021

Campsites were given the green light for opening on 12th April – all be it without full facilities. South Newlands farm, Riccall where we are well known, told us they are open for business. Well, you have to support such lovely people so we decided a 2 night, 3 day trip was in order. We kept checking the weather and decided that we would dig out our old Buffalo bags. To be honest, if I hadn’t lost the 2 sts over this past year, mine would not have fitted , but now it does whoopee!!. They are a bit bulky but having 2 trailers, it was possible to take them in addition to our regular sleeping bag.

As we set out at 6.30am (DH likes to be away early) it was very cold, hence the photo of the frost on the roof.

frost in April

We were both wearing multiple layers , so riding was fine except for cold hands at first. The weather was bright and sunny so by the time we had climbed out of Yarm, our hands were toastie warm.

The route was our usual across to Northallerton and then along the A167 , Boroughbridge road to Topcliffe. I decided to change to my other battery , as my original doesnt give such great mileage now being very well used. I knew I was down to the last cell and did not want it to run out on the ascent to Asenby. Still 37 miles is OK.

We sat for second breakfast here before moving on theough Cundall, Helperby and Flawith to Tollerton. We always used to go via Linton on Ouse but our friends have moved away from the village so this makes the route a little shorter.

The ride through York was surprisingly quiet without hoards of visitors , especially from overseas. We crossed the Knavesmire and were then on to the Planet track which I have to say is a bumpy as ever with root damage to the surface. However, there is a lot of tree felling going on. This may be to enable the surfave to be improved. I am just guessing but it does feel more open.

felled trees
DH on the Planet track

We were soon greeted by Peggy and Rod and got pitched up. We used our old Jack Wolfskin tent and one of our home made tarps.

tent and tarp

DH getting unpacked

There was a bitterly cold night but we were snug and warm . Frost lay heavily on the grass but we were soon up and away for a day out on the bikes. We had decided to ride the TransPennine trail along to Blacktoft but avoiding going into Selby because we know there are barriers and the trail surface wasnt good last time. In addition, we had been told Covid was rising in Selby so best to stay away.

So down through Barlby, we crossed the cycling /walking bridge across to the village of Osgodby with traffic whizzing beneath on the A19. We thought we knew the way, but ended up having ‘detours’ into housing estates until we found Sand Lane and we oriented ourselves on the duck pond. Then it was off east towards North Duffield but turning down into Cliffe and crossing Hull road, A63. There is a cycle track that goes along this road before turning south towards the village of Hemmingbrough with its fine large church which is at least 12century in origin. It has a spire of 120 feet, added in the 15century and I took a few photos. A chap had come to open up for the grave diggers as there was to be a funeral later in the day.

St Mary the Virgin , Hemmingbrough

From here , the road is unmade and then goes off road along to Barmby on the Marsh

TPT to Barmby on the Marsh

Luckily our trust E-bikes can easily handle this surface. The gates are a bit heavy and I am glad both of us were there to hold open for the other one.

heavy gates

At Barmby on the Marsh, the Yorkshire Derwent and the Ouse meet and a tidal barrier was installed in about the mid 70’s to help prevent flooding. The river is tidal at this point.

Just as approached , the lock keeper came out and I though he was going to open the gate for us. Actually, he hadnt even seen us, but when I called out he came back and held it open for me. Bless him. My intercom system to talk to DH was giving a bit of trouble and he went and got us some duct tape to try to remedy the problem. It did help temporarily. Then it was along towards the minster town of Howden which is near the M62 so a busy junction to cross but then all is quiet again.

As we cycled along we came to Laxton and found this lovely sheltered spot.

it was ideal as a lunch stop sheltered from the wind and warm in the sunshine. Apparently erected in 2002 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee. It could do with a bit of TLC.

From here, it’s not far to Blacktoft and I am peased to report that the village hall is once again open for the toilets to be used by passing walkers and cyclists. We talked to a local chap who tells us they hope to restore the drink making facilities come easing of lockdown in May.

Just after the village , we turned north and rode up to Gilberdyke where we were on the busirt B1230 but soon turned off to Eastrington and into Howden where we stocked up on yogurt. I dont know if there was some sort of problem on the M62 , but there were a few police cars blocking some roads and huge wagons were coming along usually quite roads.

Passing through Knidlington , we soon arrived at Barmby once again and stopped for refreshment once again. Its a lovely spot and Steve the lock keeper came across to chat again as we munched away.

Back at the site, it was still warm while I cooked chilli and rice for our evening meal but very soon after , it got cold again. We had a bit of a panic as DH had lost his bike key to unlock the bike and its needed for the battery changing too. Ooops!! DS1 phoned and offered to come and pick up our trailers , so we asked him to bring the spare key just in case. As it happened as we packed up, he found the key in the inner tent just as DS1 arrived.

We got underway at 8.30am and took our same route home. The planet track was quiet except for dog walkers and we stopped to photograph the Trust Hut near Naburn locks.

Trust Hut Naburn

We had a couple of food stops in Tollerton and Asenby. I toasted crumpets on my little camp stove and DH says I have converted him to having nutella on them.

I was pushing hard on the way home and so we had a stop for an orange each in Appleton Wiske before arriving home just after 4.00pm. TBH I was kn@ckered but DS1 had a meal made for us and I managed some washing too.

A really lovely time. this weeks mileage 202miles and YTD 1277 miles.


  1. I take my hat off to you for camping on sub zero temperatures. You got good days though which helped.

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