Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 11, 2021

Winter, Spring, Winter again

Such a topsy turvey week weather wise. The Easter weekend was really chilly and we only did a couple of short rides because of that. The winds were bitterly cold from the north and on Wednesday, I didnt even venture out on the bike. However, come Thursday the wind swung round to the SW and it was a top coat warmer.

We decided to head off to Great Ayton and then extended the ride to Stokesley and up to Seamer. AS we rode through Nunthorpe village we saw a new carving that has appeared . Designated the Naughty Nunthorpe Nuns.

Unfortunately, coming down the road that is known locally as the Seamer slog ( if you ride up to Seamer) I thought it would be an easy ride. Not so as the cross winds were very unnerving and a couple of times I was nearly off. Time to head home.

Friday , saw much less wind but again from the north. So unlike usual when we go out into the wind, this time we decided to head down to Northallerton. There was some wind assistance but not too much and we a slightly different way to Yafforth and along to Danby Wiske. There are so many lambs in the fields and it is a delight to see them jumping around or feeding with tails wagging.

As we approached the village, we were into the wind and went into the church yard to sit on the south side in the lee of the wind. It was so warm with the sun shining, I had to take my jacket off!

Danby Wiske parish church

I had a peek inside.

There also appears to be a rookery in nearby trees.

Time to get moving again after 2nd breakfast, the rode along through Streetlam and East Cowton but now the wind increased in strength and it became decidedly colder. As we looked north we could see rain clouds bearing down , so I suggested going to the old disused bus shelter in Appleton Wiske. It is now filled with a small communal library but there was still room for us to take out our Helinox chairs and I made our cheese toasties. The rain came down and so we donned our rain gear. Just as we left, the sun came out but so did hailstones!!

So we rode home well satisfied with over 60 miles.

Saturday, was cold and we rode 27 miles through Middleton one Row and to my friends field were we helped unload some stuff and cooked on a BBQ before heading home.

all in all a good week of 134 miles in bitterly cold winds a lot of the time YTD 1075 miles


  1. You are wonderfully determined to get so many miles in during such unfriendly weather.

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