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On Maundy Thursday, I am pleased to report that I had my 2nd Covid vaccine without any of the side effects I experienced on the first round. Mind you , I didn’t push myself to go cycling not wanting to stress myself. On Good Friday, we did have a short ride to see , if I was OK. I was fine so we made plans for Saturday.

DH suggested doing the run to Durham but the other around than we had done a couple of weeks ago. So 2nd breakfast and lunched were prepped on Friday night and we were able to get an early start, using the Castle Eden walkway to travel north. It had dried out than last time so we didn’t get the bikes filthy.

DH wanted to keep off the track from Station town to Shotton Colliery. I agreed as it was still early but I do not like the road. It was busy even at early on a Saturday morning. Still we got up there unscathed and turned for Haswell Plough. Just after the garage, there is a good cycle track alongside the road which climbs up and then on quite roads down through Littletown and on to Sherburn. We didn’t stop saw the NCN signs that took us through an estate and then on to a lovely off road track. I was so pleased to see this view of Durham Cathedral.

Durham Cathedral

We met some chaps who had cycled up from Willington and going down into Durham so we followed them in. It took us in across a bridge near what I seem to remember was the old baths where I used to train with the Northumberland and Durham swim team about 55 years ago on a Sunday afternoon. Happy days. Sadly now in a state of dereliction .

Then we went over Old Elvert bridge and up to the Cathedral grounds. This too brought back happy memories of visiting with my great grandfather and seeing St Cuthbert’s tomb. Also times when we would go to the Durham Miners Gala.

Unfortunately, we could not go inside as visitors are not allowed.

As I write this, a memory of being a small child and Granda Pears lifting me to touch the knocker and him explaining it to me. Funny how the feeling flooded back.

We went and sat in a spot sheltered from the gusty wind and ate 2nd breakfast, DH offered to take my photo. It was very dull but here it is.

in my ShowersPass jacket to keep the wind off.

As we sat I looked up and saw this.

Newly Painted

I was looking up at this and I think this is portraying the Lambton Worm. This is a song a grew up singing as its a northern song about the time of the crusades and a fearful worm who ate sheep and cows and little bairns (children). When sung in the local dialect , you can hear the association of language spoken many centuries ago with Norse influence.

So after this , we went through the market place and found our way on to the track again. We realised that the hill we descended on the last visit, was very steep – good job we were on the e-bikes .

We rode along the Brandon to Bishop Auckland old rail path and the sun started to come out.

Then it was up through Bishop and past the new hospital towards West Auckland. There was a point where the track seemed to disappear but DH knew he had been there before. So we rode on a nice path alongside the road and up to Shildon. We hope the railway museum will soon reopen.

We decided to go back through Newton Aycliffe and then down into Brafferton but as we passed Cozy Coffee , we noticed Rosie in the field. She is sprucing up the seating but still doesn’t know when she will be able to reopen. However, she invited us to sit there, rather than the bus shelter while I made the cheese toasties.

Then realising the time we came home the shortest way, as we wanted to be home for the start of the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What a great way to end the Easter weekend celebrating the birth of the Saviour.

Miles this week 108miles and YTD 941 miles.


  1. I am glad that you didn’t have any side effects of the vaccine. I hope the roll out continues to go well and we get back to some semblance of normality before too long. A fine picture of you and your jacket.

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