Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 28, 2021

The wind didn’t stop us entirely

It’s been a funny sort of week with lots of wind but we still managed to get out for most days but only short rides for the most part.

On Monday , DH decided to give the e-bikes a thorough clean as they were going down to Cyclesense in Tadcaster later in the week for a service. So I used my Dahon Speed folder with the Swytch kit for my early morning rides. Sometimes in sunshine and others not but always windy. These were the usual up the good cycle track and various permutations.

On Thursday, we put the towball carrier on to the back of the car and with the bikes securely loaded headed off down the A1. The system for booking the bikes in , is really good. Put them in the shed and phone the number to tell them they are there. Then the mechanic comes and takes them into the back of the shop.

We had a wander across the bridge and to the supermarket to buy something to make a sandwich and use the facilities. Then we walked along the footpath to the old rail viaduct.

viaduct over river Wharfe

We crossed over to the other side and went along to see where it emerged – it was opposite one of the breweries. So we turned and retraced out steps and went down some stairs but it was too muddy/boggy for us to go any further. Then I remember news items from some weeks ago, when they mentioned flooding. It must have been huge as the river on Thursday was a good 20-30 feet below the ground level.

if anyone knows the name of this flower please let me know.

So we climbed back up and walked back. Then i had a call to say the bikes needed new rear cogs and chains but we would have to have 36-11 rather than the 34-11 that were fitted. Apparently , spare parts are in short supply at present. So now I have a slightly lower gear but that’s fine by me.

Friday was really blowing a hoolie so we only cycled across to the chapel to do a couple of things and then along to do some shopping.

We checked the forecast for Saturday and it seemed to be a bit better. So prepped and ready for the day cycling , we set off just after 8.00am. I should have known when we set off, that it was going to be a windy ride. Our destination – Eppleby to see the daffodils.

Well all went ok until we crossed the bridge at Croft and started to make the turn for Stapleton. Roadworks and a complete road closure. Duh!

So we carried on past Croft motor racing circuit and then turned towards Scorton. As we rode along , we came to a diversion sign ( obviously for motor vehicles) and rode along to Moulton on a road we haven’t ridden before. Then up to Middleton Tyas and then under the A1 and up to Melmerby all the time into a wind that even required DH to use battery assist.

So we carried on towards Forcett which was another climb into the wind. Just after the turn , my battery registered zero but as it was mainly downhill, I didn’t bother to stop and just carried on until we came to a big climb. Then we stopped and I changed the battery.

On into Eppleby and we bought some of their lovely home made scones and sat and ate second breakfast. Then i took some photos of the village and the daffs. I do love to see them

Eppleby village
different varieties prolong the blooming stage

I think its the colour that delights me.

So then it was off again but as we were returning with the wind mostly on our backs we flew along without any need of assistance. I was surprised to see 24mph at one point.

We rode back through Piercebridge and then crossed the A67 and continued up by Walworth before again turning to run with the wind into Darlington.

We had a stop for cheese toasties in Sadberge but in a bus shelter to be protected from the wind and it was cozy in there. Then off home.

We arrived home having cycled 64 miles and and I decided to put in some washing. As I scooped up the dirty cycling gear, I didnt realise I had also picked up the TV remote and washed it too!! Its currently sitting in a bag of rice drying out – we hope. Remind me when I am tired to take extra care.

So this weeks mileage 94 miles and YTD 833 miles


  1. Oh, the daffodils are spectacular! I would make a special outing to inspect flowers also.

    Washing the remote – oh dear – hope it’s not ruined.

    • won’t know for few days if it is ruined – silly mistake and it does seem to happen if I am tired

  2. The mystery flowers are white violets, which I haven’t seen since I was a child. Lucky you!

    • Thanks Felicity – another reader said the same. I didnt realise they existed.

  3. Yes, white violets, saw some yesterday on a walk. As well as violet coloured violets – ! – and paler more pinky ones.

    • thank you Lizzie. didnt know such things existed

  4. Congratulations on getting any cycling done in such a windy week.

  5. White sweet violets ~beautiful

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