Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 14, 2021

March Winds

It really has been a week of wild winds and rain. My niece living further south in Yorkshire even has snow.

It is however gratifying to see all the spring flowers bursting forth and I also noticed blossom on trees so spring should be here soon. it is also noticeable how the days are lengthening too. In the meantime , multiple layers of cycle clothing are needed to keep warm while out on the bikes.

We haven’t really ventured far because of the winds. The Koga World Traveller e-bikes while heavy give some added stability but cross wind gusts can still give me a fright. We altered routes to avoid known areas where I have been shaken up before.


More and more daffodils are dancing in the breeze.

My thoughts are beginning to turn to where we can go cycle camping as soon as we are able to stay away from home. I think our friends at South Newlands Farm , Riccall will be first on the list.

I did get a quilt finished and passed on to a friend who works on a maternity ward at our local hospital and has done all through the pandemic. It was made totally from left overs and she is thrilled to bits with it.

So this week I achieved only 61 miles but for YTD 649 miles


  1. Well done for getting any miles in during such an inhospitable week of weather.

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