Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 7, 2021

Chilly rides

I was working the early part of the week so it was just short local rides. Son no.2 came with us on Monday after I finished work but the weather has been too cold for him the rest of the week.

On Thursday, despite the dark grey sky , we decided to try and gt a longer ride in. Where to go? It is always a question and he usually leaves the planning up to me. However, this time he suggested going over to Shildon. So riding across through Bishopton and Great Stainton , we arrived at Newton Aycliffe. Near the railway station , we joined the track that parallels the railway line. We noticed that this isn’t sign posted and its not marked on Google maps as a route but it is there and well used by cyclists and walkers. Everyone we met smiled and greeted us which was lovely.

Arriving at Locomotion, the place was well closed and they wouldn’t even let us sit in the car park. We wouldn’t have stopped long as it was so cold.

old trains at Locomotion train Museum.

Going further on , it is evident that they are using this downtime lockdown to get on with more building work.

This hut reminds me so much of the station colours in Norway. The British did go and build the railways over there. This area is the home of railways with the Stockton and Darlington line being the first in the world

We came back across and down past the still closed Cozy Coffee and got into the bus shelter on the corner in Brafferton. Out came the stove and we made our usual cheese toasties and hot water from the flask to make Oxo. This was so welcome to warm up. Then we returned home via Darlington.

Saturday dawned and it wasn’t quite as cold so we decided to head out to Swainby. We chose to go up via Hemlington lake and take the shorter way there. It didn’t feel as cold as Friday so we decided to go across along the loop road to avoid the main A172.. The views were lovely.

There is a short section on the main road before turning off through Faceby. Then I noticed that there are new lambs in the field.

new lambs

I was going well and so we decided to have a stop in Ingleby Greenhow. We hadn’t intended to go for a longer ride but did have some biscuits and a flask with us.

Then it was off home through Gt Ayton . I spent the afternoon quilting so it was a lovely day.

Mileage 107miles and YTD 588 miles


  1. I am very impressed by making cheese toasties while on a ride. You will have needed something warm as it has been remarkably cold this past week.

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