Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 28, 2021

Springlike Weather

The mornings early in the week were grey and chilly but the afternoons got out brighter.

Encouraged by Timmy Mallett, younger son (DS2) decided he would come cycling. He is on the autistic spectrum and gets very anxious. Some years ago he was mugged while out cycling with a friend , and his bike was stolen and he hasn’t cycled since. Encouraged by what he heard last week, he decided to give it a go. In fact he did 2 rides with us during the week and was very pleased with himself.

Smiling all the way

He did have to borrow his brothers helmet , as over the years , the lining of his has distorted.

On Friday, DH and I did our longest ride of the year in full, wall to wall sunshine. It is glorious to see the catkins and Pussy willow budding as we pass along the river. We took a different route across to Northallerton going via Hutton Rudby and Deighton . Once at Northallerton after the facilities stop , we headed on to Romanby village.

Romanby Village

On the opposite side of the square, were swathes of crocuses.

insects on the crocuses

If you zoom in you can see a bee on the bottom left flower.

We stopped and ate second breakfast here. As I am loosing weight (on purpose) I didn’t have our usual cereal fruit and yogurt but chose to bring chicken slices and cottage cheese .Just as sustaining but far fewer calories

We cycled on to Yafforth and looked to see if there were any spring lambs in the fields on the way to Danby Wiske, but none so far. With less foliage on the trees, I was able to take a photo of the church.

Danby Wiske church

From here it was a fairly usual route to Streetlam and Pepper Arden to descend into East Cowton. Hopefully, it wont be too long until the pop up cake and drinks cafe will reopen.

On Saturday, we were hoping for a bit of a longer ride with DS2 but he wasnt up for it. DH and I went off cycling to Saltburn – again in wall to wall sunshine. We know it wont last so we are making the most of it. I have to say that both Redcar and Saltburn were packed with cars and people walking on the beaches.

Hazy headlands

We didn’t hang about and rode back to Kirkleatham stopping outside of the old hall now a museum unfortunately closed.

Kirkleathm Hall

While there, a couple of people working on the nearby Covid testing station came and socially distanced ate their lunches. Apparently, they were sent up from York while a group was sent from Newcastle down to near York. They said , it just doesnt make sense. I understand though because the people who do the organising often have little to no idea of the geography of our country. Its like cycle tracks can be put in by local authorities and the planners have never cycled or they would not make such obvious blunders.

So on that cheery note , I will give the stats for the week 135 miles and YTD 481miles.


  1. It was a good cycling week here too and I got in 140 miles which is a lot for me. I am glad that your son has gone back to cycling.

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