Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 21, 2021

Brighter Days

I shouldn’t be surprised by British weather but the thaw came so suddenly and we went from -5C over night to +5C and then later in the week to 11C during the day. It was almost spring like today.

The day light hours are lengthening too so giving more hours to get out and cycle after work. Somedays, were just short rides along the river or up to Hemlington lake but we did get out to Middleton one Row on Friday. The wind was very strong though with gusts in excess of 40 mph. Passing open spaces in hedgerows was a bit unnerving.6

We did find that one of the cycle tracks we use occasionally has been blocked off.

cycle track blocked.

We went another way . on a separate ride and went to where the other end of it is. As I thought , it is marked as NCN1

this route is no more.
in the upper right near the stone wall a similar fence has been erected

On one of the rides, we came across a new sculpture

Sammy the seal

The week has also been busy with talks every day from the Cycle Touring Festival. There was a fascinating one by Paul Cheese who rode 5000 miles around the UK recording sounds. He is a musician and music producer so look him up on You Tube. After listening to his talk, we were riding across Stockton Market and there is a fountain there. It was the first time I have every been aware of the musicality of the water splashing. Fascinating.

Tonight at 8.00pm Timmy Mallet is talking about riding his e-bike on the Santiago de Compostella and painting. He has published a book so I am looking forward to that.

So this week, those small mileages have amounted to 83 miles. 346miles YTD


  1. It is really sad to see that cycle track closed off. Is there a purpose behind the closure or is it just meanness.?

  2. The fountain in Stockton is lovely, have you ever been there at 1pm to watch the Stockton Flyer, it comes up on the plinth just up the high street from the fountain.

    • yes I have both seen and heard it. you have to be there at 1.00pm or you miss it

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