Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 24, 2021

Snow, floods and Sun

The week didn’t start out too badly with me being able to get out for a ride after work on Monday. It was quite a sunny afternoon and about 6C but we just had time to ride along the river to the infinity bridge and back. We came back a slightly different way because of road works near Albert Park. We cut back through the park but it was very wet on the grass. However, more was to come.

Living here in the Tees Valley, we are protected from the worst that the weather brings ,sheltered by the Cleveland hills. Tuesday brought torrential rain and then snow and after that the big freeze began. Seeing news coverage of further afield, I was sad to see that Yorkshire has been flooded again. I remember riding through similar floods back in June of 2007 riding the TransPennine Trail with our dear Norwegian friend.

When we rode out on Friday, it was a bit icy but we stuck mainly to roads we thought would be gritted and mostly they were.

Down near the river, the water was bombing down ,across the barrage. This is as a result of flooding and snow melt west of us

barrage at the river Tees

From here we rode up through Stockton and then up onto Darlington back lane. We had lots of flashing lights to be visible to cars that drive often very fast along here. The cold weather has been very damaging to the poor road surfaces and many large potholes are appearing, most often already patched bits. Passing through Whinney Hill , we turned right on the road up to Bishopton where we deposited some books at the unused bus stop that has become a book exchange.

From here, it was a question of where to go. We were going by how cold we felt, but neither of us felt too cold. In pre-Covid lockdown, we would have headed for Cozy Coffee but its sadly shut. So we turned left at the bottom of the hill and turned onto the Folly Bank. This undulated along though little Stainton to join up with Bishopton Lane, where we turned to go to Sadberg. Its such a blessing to have an e-bike to get up the bank into the village.

We decided not to extend the route here and turned down and rode along the track on the A66 and climbed up over the 4 lanes on a bridge before entering the village. By now , I was hungry so finding a convenient bus shelter with a seat , we stopped. It was sheltered from the wind and was in full sunshine so we had a nice hot Oxo and a cheese sandwich. We didn’t take the stove , as we thought it might take too long in the cold.

This part of our route often has a flood on the grass to the left, but as you can see, it extended across the path. We have never never seen it this bad in the 40+ years we have ridden this way.

Saturday was bitterly cold, so I opted to stay home and sew , while DH took himself off to Marske and back on his bicycle so he has clocked up 36 miles more than me. However, this week at 49 miles it is more than the previous two weeks of the year YTD96 miles.

PS I have finally found out how to reduce the size of my photos. woohoo!!


  1. Oncer again you have been braver than me when ice threatens or wind and rain appear. I have done a lot of walking this month and only 40 miles of cycling!

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