Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 11, 2020

Autumn days

Autumn colours

It is very apparent now just how the days are shortening. The mornings are very dark until after 6.00am and its about 7ish when it goes dark. There are plenty of fallen leaves and these can cause falls when wet so I have been very careful.

Work was busy this week and so I didn’t get the opportunity to get out too much in the early part of the week. We ( that’s the royal we heehee) have also been busy as our Swytch kits arrived too. These have been on order since July 2019 but because of the pandemic , they were delayed.

So DH got his fitted to his Koga Randonneur without too much problem. He did have to use a different tyre as the old one had stretched. My kit came later , for my Dahon Speed TR. This has been more difficult as the spindle is too short to be safe to use regularly. The company are seeing what can be done. This will mean that our younger son will be able to accompany us , with assistance if necessary . He was put off cycling after being mugged and his bicycle stolen some years ago. He is also on the autistic spectrum so that sort of thing has had a bigger impact.

Anyway, we made a few short trips out trying the kit out but on Thursday used out usual e-bikes to do a longer ride. The weather was very wet first thing , so we delayed going out until 10.00am. We headed over to Bishopton , through Stockton and along Darlington Back Lane. This later start meant that , the road was relatively quite and before out turn off noticed a road called Sandy Lees Road and there was also one of those red triangle signs warning of cyclists. mmm we haven’t been that way before.

So we carried on up to Newton Aycliffe and took the cycleway near to the railway station.

Station car park

The trees were starting to look splendid in there yellow/red leaves. We rode along the quiet off road path to Shildon and noticed a Covid Test centre in the car park of the Locomation railway museum. We wondered if we could get through and were happily waved through.

I noticed that there were a couple of bikes parked outside and the cafe was open but we had our trusty stove and pan and I got on with the cheese toasties. DH remarked I should show just how inefficient I had been. His got , shall we say , a little too brown.

overdone toastie
nicely toasted.

The chaps came out of the cafe and one shouted across that he thought it was brilliant that I was doing them.

Then , we made out way back along and went to Cozy Coffee. Rosie told us that with any new restrictions and the colder weather , she may not be able to stay open too much longer. I do hope they get planning permission for an indoor area soon. She said its only the really hardy cyclist who are willing to sit outside. They have worked to hard to keep going after the fire and the kidney transplant that I do hope things will improve.

that day the hut was burned down by vandals
all that is left of the original hut.

Then on the way back , we rode through Bishopton and investigated Sandy Lees Lane. It took us down to the A66 and a crossing point. DH wasnt too sure where we were, but I knew it was near to Elton and I was right. I can remember the little bit of track through to the road that was put in years ago. So off to home.

Saturday, was very windy and our friend Jill was at a craft fare. we tried getting to another one she did earlier in the year but didnt get there as traffic was too busy.

So we had a ride up through Gt Ayton and Hutton Rudby to go to Inglby Barwick and I got some lovely baubles for our Christmas tree.

So this week I cycled 103 miles so YTD 5,333 miles


  1. I have been thinking about a Swytch kit for Mrs T. I shall be interested to see how you get on with yours.

    • i will be writing a review.DH’s seems fine , mine needs attention to the axel – it too short for comfort. The company seems to have good customer service

      • I await developments.

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