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Here and there

Well, the weather has been slightly kinder this week so my mileage is thankfully up on last week.

Monday was a holiday and also the sun was shining for a change. Where to go. One of our friends who makes pottery was at a craft fayre at Raby Castle which is near Staindrop in County Durham. Well that gave us a destination – of sorts. So we rode across to Darlington and up through Cockerton to get onto the Staindrop road which was very quiet . However, when we got into Staindrop and encountered the main road up to the castle, the A688 was manic with motor traffic including large lorries. Sorry Jill but I wasnt risking life and limb on that road.

So we had a stop in a quiet cul-de-sac near St Mary’s church and ate second breakfast.

St Mary’s Staindrop

Continuing on the B6274 which was quiet , we had to cross the busy A67 and then into the village of Winston.

We descended a hill down to cross the river Tees and I stopped to take a couple of photos. I had rather an unpleasant encounter with a chap on a road bike. As I crossed the road , and he descended the hill he started screaming at me that ‘ he could have taken me out’. By that he meant crashed into me. There was never any danger of that , but I believe I had spoiled a Strava segment for him.

Nevertheless, after this this I still got my photos and hope he didn’t have any more tantrums that day.

River Tees looking upstream
model on the bridge.

This model must have some significance and looking it up some years ago , a Spitfire flew under the bridge here.

We carried on to Eppleby and of course had to support the local shop/cafe . Just 2 jammed scones for later but every little helps small businesses.

We returned home again via Darlington but this time through Manfield and Cleasby and then stopped in Sadberg for the scones. A beautiful day out.

Then there was a few days to work and I had ordered a towball attaching cycle carried which arrived on Wednesday. We wanted to give it a try with 3 e-bikes on so DS1 said he would come. I have been waiting to do the short ride under and over the river Tyne since the tunnel re-opened. So we headed off u to Jarrow and unloaded the bikes outside my brother’s house.

Then it was onto the nearby cycle track and down to the pedestrian cycle tunnel. This was opened in 1951 and we used it regularly as a child to visit grandparents and other relatives on the north side. It hadn’t changed in appearance.

Tyne pedestrian tunnel

I couldn’t believe how quickly we got through on the e-bikes as it was always a slog going back uphill to get out. We rode along past the DFDS port and I couldn’t help remembering last years trip to Norway .

At North Shields fish quay , we stopped and treated ourselves to a lunch time sandwich. I chose smoked mackerel and it reminded me of sitting in the Netherlands eating fish outside a cafe.

lunchtime ay the fish quay North Shields

Then it was back across on the Shields ferry and along the road I knew so well as a child.

lower light, Tynemouth Priory and the Collingwood Monument
Ferry Landing

We rode along to the beach and saw The Groyne.

The Groyne South Shields

It was on this beach I spent many happy hours. In the 1960’s I was also a volunteer lifeguard on this beach , so it holds so many happy memories for me.


These figures , known locally as the Weebles, werent there back then.

Then it was off up towards Jarrow on NCN14 but called in at a fabric place where I saw this notice that made me smile.

Geordie notice.

So that was only a short ride but I did enjoy it and the rack carried the bicycles really well.

Friday saw us out again but it was cooler. This time we gave north Yorkshire its turn and road to Brompton through Great Ayton, East Rounton and West Harlsey.

Roseberry Topping from West Harlsey

I forgot the camera so didn’t take many photos. We returned via Deighton and Yarm.

So this past week I rode 175 miles and YTD is 4538 miles

We have a campsite booked in Lincolnshire for a few days next week but our town has also been warned it may go into lockdown so we will just have to hope for the best.


  1. An excellent week of cycling. Cycling through the tunnel looks like fun.

  2. Let me know if you are coming anywhere near me, and I will come out to meet you.

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