Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 30, 2020

Autumn’s Early Arrival

It’s the bank holiday weekend and in previous years we would have been away either kayaking or cycling and camping, but not this year. In a way , I am quite glad because the weather this week has been dreary. Rain on most days and very little sunshine to brighten out days. The wind has also been strong most of the time, so I haven’t got much cycling done.

Earlier in the week , I rode through the park and was so pleased to see the cygnets nearly fully grown.

Albert Park Cygnets

It’s sad that they only managed to rear the two from their brood.

Later going along the river, we came across this swan family.

River Tees Swans

These swans have managed to rear a brood of eight! So good to see them.

The rain poured down almost constantly on Thursday and Friday so It was good to get out on Saturday. My, the north wind was cold though. Apparently, last year , at this time, it was really hot but not so this. We decided to have a ride over to Cozy Coffee at Brafferton. We love to support Rosie and knew there wouldn’t be many other cyclist out there and we were correct. Sitting outside, the wind blew so hard that it knocked DH’s hot oxo over. Fortunately, he had supped most of it.

In Bishopton, I noticed the trees staring to turn and the conkers dropping

Horse Chestnut
Plenty of conkers

So lets hope, September brings some warmer and drier weather.

So only 67 miles this week but that brings YTD to 4363 miles


  1. Warmer weather would be most welcome. It was six degrees here this morning.

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