Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 2, 2020

You never know what is around the corner.

Last Sunday, we browsed the weather forecast for the week ahead and as it looked to be quite nice, I managed to book us a campsite pitch for 2 nights on Thursday and Friday.

Well, Thursday dawned and it was wet. So instead of the usual early morning start , we delayed until after 9.00am and headed off across to Stockton and followed NCN14 across to Croft.

From here we rode along to Barton unfortunately still in the rain but with slightly clearing skies. We had used the Komoot app to plan to get across to the south side of the A66 but DS1 told us not to go that way as the bridge suggested was too busy with lorries etc. So we turned for Melsonby and then we could safely cross as there is a proper crossing for both bicycles and horses a few miles out of the village. The crossing is a bit wiggly but as we knew where we were going , it wasn’t a problem. Komoot didnt seem to know it was there.

Once across it was down to Gilling West where we turned for Kirby Hill. It was pleasant following the valley bottom and soon the sun did show through the clouds so we stripped off waterproof jackets but kept the overtrousers on. The road was fairly narrow and they protected us from briars etc sticking out.

From Kirby Hill, the road started to climb up towards Newsham , and it was steeper than it looked. Thank goodness for the e-bikes as we were pulling our cycle trailers and has a couple of panniers each although they were lightly filled.

The views had opened up on the climb.

In Newsham there was a left turn along to Barningham which was where I saw this water trough.

Barningham water trough

I took this image on my return journey but more of that later.

The road became ever narrower , single track with passing places and as we descended a steep hill a few miles outside the village, I warned DH of gravel across the road and a right turn to cross a bridge. I went very slowly and was across the bridge and climbing the next hill, when I heard a scream. DH says it wasn’t a scream more a loud shout! Well I looked back and all I could see was his cycle trailer right way up but not sign of him or his bike.

Coming back down, I found him under his cycle ,under a bush amongst nettles. We look back and laugh but he shouted “I think I have broken my ankle”. Not good.

So between us , we managed to get the bike off him and get him out onto his feet – well one foot really but he was determined to carry on. He used the Turbo setting and managed to cycle the 3 miles to Bowfield Farm , Boldron.

I asked if we should phone home and get a rescue but he said he thought he would be OK.

So we got his chair out and he sat while I put up the tent and the tarp. He could only hop into the tent and did his usually blowing up of the Exped mats and put out the sleeping bags. He was really hoping that he would be better by Friday but I felt he wouldn’t.

tent and tarp

This is the old Jack Wolfskin tent that I have been reproofing etc. It is about 25 years old but quite spacious and has two entrances. I managed to get it all up and we had a very happy evening laughing about the days events.

After a good night’s sleep, it became obvious that a rescue would be needed so we phoned DS1 who said he would drive straight over while I started to pack up. We had agreed that I would cycle home as when the two trailers and all his photography gear were in the back of the car there would be no room for me. Anyway, his cycle rack only takes one bicycle.

So I took a similar way home on the hottest day of the year in our area. It was boiling hot at 30C. I don’t to heat too well and was anxious to get home but did stop to take a few photos.

accident site
the offending gravel

So it was back into Barningham where I saw about 6 hand cycles being off loaded from cars .

not drinking water.

I would gladly have refilled a water bottle here but it said not too. It was restored in 2004. Maybe a should get a water filter?

lovely views

I got up the hill from Gilling West and saw that the A66 was very busy. I had to wait to cross the south side carriage but the north side was a tail back from Scotch Corner and I indicated to a driver , who had bicycles on a rear carrier, that I needed to be just where he was parked over. He waited for me to wiggle through onto the track

Once across, i came to these lovely teasle plants.

Teasles beginning to bloom

From there I decided I would head to the coffee shop in Eppleby and so I could have a cake and get my water bottles refilled. I also bought an Ice lolly and out that in one bottle to help keep it cool.

It was blazing hot in the afternoon and I have never been so thankful for a cold shower.

In the meantime, DH had been x-rayed and while not a full blown fracture, he has pulled a bit of bone off. It’s called an avulsion. It will heal so at present he is resting, icing and has started to walk today, with the aid of 2 sticks.

So this week I cycled 105 miles making YTD3963 miles

The bikes have done a lot of mileage in the 2 years we have had them. Mine has 10239 miles on the clock and DH even more at 10578 miles. We booked them in for service about a month ago but dont know how long we will be without them. In the mean time , I might just use my folder.


  1. I hope the ankle heals well and quickly. I don’t envy you your long pedal on that very hot day at all.

    • he is able to walk with sticks today – slowly but we were told to mobilise as soon as he can.

  2. Well that was an eventful trip. You saw some nice scenery and got some good photo’s though.

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