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Steep Hills

Work continues to come in and I have made the decision to keep it at 3 days a week and only doing home visits. My long term plan was always to drop to 3 days a week in December when I hit the big 7 zero. How did that happen?

So the early morning 10-15 miles rides continue on those days. Thursday was already sorted taking the car in to be serviced and MOT’d. Just as well as DH was feeling tired and it was pouring with rain.

One of the things we have been doing is to renew waterproofing on a tent we have had about 30 years or so. Its a Jack Wolfskin and still in good nick but I put in in the washed with TecWash and then with Tex 10. I do hope its worked.

We need to get away and try it before September when we are hoping to get cycling up in the Outer Hebrides. We will wait to see. Our current tent, that I made is still fine, but in high winds isnt the best as there is too much fabric to catch the wind. September is often a windy month so thinking ahead.

Friday saw us off out early to do a trip I have had on the list for a while. Its somewhere we used to cycle to many years ago when the children were small . This was from a much nearer location that where we currently live.

So off up through Great and Little Ayton and along thorough Kildale to the first climb. The weather was gloomy with clouds covering the hills and only a few spits and spots of rain.

Cleveland Hills

As we climbed up towards Kildale , I got a sweet smell that was overtaken by wood smoke.

As we rounded the corner, we saw the most beautiful sight of purple flowers , a whole field full. This was where the sweet smell came from.

a purple crop?
mystery to me flowers

If anyone knows what they are, please enlighten me.

Just after this the steep climbs began. I thought about the times I have walked up these hills.

between Kildale and Commondale

I have resisted DH’s suggestion of riding down this was but the e-bike brings such joy. Between Kildale and Commondale is a 20% hill dropping down to a cattle grid and then a hairpin bend to rise to a 25% hill. In the past I would get off at the bottom and then start the slog walking up. DH would get half way up and then come back to push my bike for me. NOT THIS TIME.

I was up that hill, admittedly using the Sport mode but I could peddle up it.

Later passing through Commondale we turned left and were soon overtaken by a roadie but it wasn’t to last. Using the power we caught him up and when nearly at the top , he told us he would wait for his friend to catch up. AS we road he talked about his cycle trips to southern European places that we have never too and we told of our Scandinavian trips.

So it was off to Lockwood Beck.

Lockwood Beck Reservoir

Soon after we joined the main Whitby road A172 which was heaving with traffic. Fortunately , we didn’t have to ride far before we were able to turn off to Stanghow.

We were very lucky to have the sun come out , find a lovely bench and have a great view to eat 2nd breakfast.

Stanghow seat

Then we road down through Lingdale and Boosbeck into Skelton down the steep hill this time.

From there, the sun began to shine and we rode into Saltburn and then along to Redcar and home vis the Trunk road and the river. What a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Saturday morning was a bit spitty and spotty rain so we only rode enough miles to get us over the 100 miles at 102 for the week.

YTD 3858 miles.


  1. The plant is phacelia. I grew it last year as a soil improver and to attract bees. Beautiful colour. Growing round here in fields too.

    • thanks Lizzie. I knew someone would know. It looked delightful

  2. I have never seen a purple field like that before. I hope that I get to see one in real life. Well done for climbing that steep hill.

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