Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 19, 2020

A short Cycle camping trip

Woohoo!! Campsites have opened up – well some have . Some will only let you go if you have your own facilities. We are a resourceful bunch us cycle campers. More of this later.

We started to ride out usual route towards York after an early start. Northallerton was busy with people going to work so we turned off the A167 and went through Romanby and took a quiet parallel route through Warlaby and into South Otterington.

We pulled into the Layby here to take off long sleeved tops

From South Otterington we continued on the A167 down through Topcliffe and stopped on the bench in Asenby and had second breakfast.

It was as we got back onto the road towards Cundall , we hit a snag. The road was closed and no amount of persuasion would get us through. So we had to find an alternative way around. This involved turning back and going to Rainton and then into Boroughbridge.

We called into the bakers and I got the most delicious gooseberry and almond tart that we had later with custard. From Boroughbridge , we followed NCN route cannot remember the number though. It goes through Lower Dunsforth and Great Ouseburn before crossing the Ouse on the Aldwark Bridge. Due to Covid19, no one has to pay the toll at present. I hope this doesnt mean that it will deteriorate if it gets much more vehicular traffic.

Then through Linton on Ouse and on through the grounds of Benningborough Hall and into York. We stopped for a break on the banks of the Ouse near Rowntree Park before riding down to South Newlands farm.

DH inside the tent

Peggy had said that the toilet and shower were booked by someone else so we would need our “bucket and chuck it”. However, we didnt need them except this is what we used during the night.

Collapsible toilet seat.

That bucket only has the remains of the waste water from washing up in it!!

DH made this years ago in our sea kayaking days and a small bucket fits under perfectly. Only trouble is with age I now find getting up from it difficult. DH says his name is Hoistband not husband as he has to assist me to get up off it. More than you need to know but hope it gives you a laugh.

Friday saw the arrival in the car with DS1 who brought down a couple of old tents we wanted to erect and see what condition they are in. Both were still good if in need of slight attention. We may well use one if we get off up north in September.

After that, the three of us has a pootle of a ride down into Selby where they were very good about social distancing.

Selby Abbey

Although a parish church and not a cathedral, this was first established by Benedict of Auxerre in 1069, so not long after the Norman conquest. There is a lot to read on the net about it.

Later we rode along the Transpennine trail heading East and got to Hemmingborough where there is another fine church .

Hemingborough St Mary the Virgin Church

The church is a 12th century church and the 37m tall spire was added in the 15th century and can be seen from miles around. From here we followed a minor road up through South Duffield and had a break at the duck pond in Osgodby.

Osgodby duck pond.

At some stage , we got stopped by a railway crossing and I managed to get the camera out and got this shot of the train.

Train crossing.

It wasnt stopped and DS1 was convinced it would be blurred. I am pleased it wasnt , even though if flashed by.

Then it was back to the site and sitting and chatting in the sun.

Saturday saw us up with the dawn chorus and we got packed away before the tent got too wet as the rain started. DS1 took most of the gear home by car and that left us free to ride home our original planned route.

In Tollerton , I took these photos. One is the old phone box now ued to house a community library.

Tollerton library
drinking fountain and cattle trough.

If you look closely at this photo you can make out the wording on it.

Then after 2nd breakfast after 33.5 miles , in Asenby it was on homeward.

We had looked for the large trench that had been dug right across the road but only saw 2 narrow trenches that we could have easily stepped across but these days there is so much fear of people getting hurt and wanting compensation!!

So , even with stops , we were home having completed the 70 miles in 7 hours.

So this week I rode 202 miles making YTD 3756 miles

As we want our bikes servicing soon, we looked up total mileage on our Koga e-bikes and I have ridden 10,032 miles and DH has 10427miles in the 2 years we have had them.


  1. I had to re-read a certain passage as I thought for a minute that you were using the bucket for washing up as well as…..!!!

    • haha! no I am not that hard core. when I have done the washing up in my largest pan I put the waste water into the bucket and through it away. I wash in different ‘loads’ so they all get done in clean hot water from the kettle

  2. You are getting good value out of your Koga bikes indeed. My eyesight is not good enough to read the writing on that trough, even if I look at it closely!

    • the trough says Metropolitan Fountain and Cattle Trough Association . Something I have never seen before and it was only by chance as I was stood there I saw it under the lichens.

      • Thank you.

  3. Brenda I felt I was right there with you on that ride. I loved all the pictures but the stone trough had special appeal.

  4. I don’t know about a short trip, it seemed pretty long to me. Great photo’s, thanks.

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