Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 24, 2020

Another week in Lockdown

Well, there is another week behind us and still no chance of camping. This weekend we should have been in Clitheroe at the Cycle Touring Festival. If you look at Andrew Sykes Blog Cycling Europe as he has put links to the talks on the CTF website and Andrew’s blog is a WP blog.

So I was working for the first 3 days of the week and one of those days entailed going to Saltburn by the Sea. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was shocked at the number of cars parked along the roadway leading to the beach. Many more people about this week and that goes for the increase in road traffic too.

While on one of my short jaunts, I was delighted to see that the swan who builds her nest on the side of the lake at Albert Park has finally been able to hatch and get some cygnets on to the water. She has been trying unsuccessfully for about 4 years now, but finally it has happened.


DH is very well and his speech has almost returned to normal. He had lost his keys and DS1 had arranged to go up to Fatfield to get some new keys cut. I took the opportunity to get a lift for my bike and used the Komoot app to plan a route and ride back. DH said he would ride out to meet me.

Just as we got there the rain started so I donned my waterproof jacket before setting off. It was the best thing to do as it very quickly faired up.

I was expecting to see Penshaw hill but didn’t however I did pass Worm Hill.

Now I was brought up singing a folk song called the Lambton Worm and Caroline in Lancaster – a poetess sent me this link.

The Lambton Worm

YOUTUBE.COMThe Lambton WormThe Lambton Worm

I followed the way and soon came to a river crossing over the river Wear.

Crossing over I noticed that they have Giant Hog Weed growing on the bank which is to be avoided because it is very caustic.

Riding on from here the landscape is very rolling and so I passed through a lot of old pit villages before DH rang to say he had got to Haswell. I wasn’t far from there so told him to wait and we were soon reunited.

The weather was cool but riding up hills had made me a bit warm so took the opportunity to take off the waterproof. We decided to head down to Station Town on the road to avoid the track which is deteriorating in parts. Lots of cyclists out but we got a picnic bench where i picked up a load of litter to dispose of later. Why don’t people take it home?

Hurworth Burn

The sun came out so we enjoyed an early lunch before setting off for home. Part way down the track we came across a damsel in distress. She had a puncture and it wasn’t the first but she and her husband have got ther bikes out during lockdown. Apparently, he had tried to fix it but the patch was too small. She had told him to ride up the track and she would walk back to the car. So DH had a go.

trying to be the good Samaritan

Well , he got a larger patch on to a slit but it didn’t hold. I think the inner tube was perished. So we scrabbled about in bags and found some bits of old elastic to tie the inner tube on to the rim as when she tried to push it, the tyre just came off. Still that got her underway and she had about a 4 mile walk to the car park.

There was some lovely yellow flowers and I have found out this is broom not gorse.


So the weather deteriorated and while not wet, there have been gale force winds since Friday and so that has curtailed my weekly mileage.

Miles this week 75 miles and YTD 2336miles


  1. There is a lot to be said for good quality puncture resistant tyres!

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