Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 17, 2020

The Unexpected

Last Sunday, DH noticed his mouth wasn’t moving properly – nothing big but when eating he bit his tongue a few times. I was starting back to work, so didn’t think too much of it. After work , we both went for a short ride around the river and at tea time saw he was still having a bit of difficulty eating.

By Tuesday , he didn’t want to ride in the early morning and I went off on my own and then to work. Coming home DS1 told me “Look at Dad’s eye” mmmmm….. Bells Palsy?

The upshot was I was instructed to phone 999 who were going to send an ambulance. Instead, I took him to the hospital and the NHS were magnificent. They did bloods, an ECG as he hadn’t mentioned to me a Buzzing in his chest, and a CT scan. Nothing really showed but he was told he would be contacted.

Sure enough, on Wednesday, the hospital rang and after an MRI scan, it was confirmed as a mini-stroke!! I am happy to report he was given medication and is back almost to normal .  He has been cycling a couple of times but not his usual 50+ mileage . He isnt able to drive his car though.

On Friday, I went off on my own and used the Komoot app to plan a route across to Bishop Auckland. I have no idea why I chose it but enjoyed an early start and the route took me a slightly different way to the way I would have gone but it gave me a chance to experience a new set of cycle paths through Newton Aycliffe.

I stopped and had a break near some open air basket ball courts and then planned a route to take me back across to Shildon – home of the railways.


I was surprized as I got into Shildon to see the old signal etc has been used on the roundabout. I did see a couple using reclining handcycles here too but wasn’t fast enough to take a photo of them.

Since we were last there a few years ago, they are building and restoring more of the old infrastructure. It will be super to go to at some time in the future to see the development.

P1030742The stone and brick work was lovely to see and I am so glad that it will be preserved.


And this is the notice


So for any railway enthusiasts , I am sure this will be welcome news.

I eventually found my way onto the very nice cycle track that links Shildon with Newton Aycliffe and then down past Cozy Coffee where I spotted a van. It was OK though as he had permission and so I cycled back our usual way through Darlington and home. Completed  54 miles. DH was feeling much better yesterday and so we accompanied him on a 26 mile local ride. This had another unexpected bonus as we saw a deer on the road of the industrial site near the river. I don’t know who was more scared, the deer, car drivers or us. Didn’t get the chance to capture it on camera though.

So this week was 134 miles and YTD is 2261miles


  1. Glad your husband hasn’t apparently suffered any long lasting effects of the mini stroke – you must have been very concerned though. Interesting post as ever!

    • thanks Lizzie, I see you are going to start working again – hope it goes well

  2. Very best wishes to Joe for a full recovery. I’m glad to hear that the NHS didn’t fail him – and that he’s still well able to cycle.

  3. Crumbs, DH must be tough both in body and mind to get back on his bike so quickly.

  4. Sorry to hear you were not well Joe but glad you are on the road to recovery but please take things a bit easier.
    God bless.

    • he’s fine again Jim – the cycle on Thursday was 47 miles for him and 36 for me

  5. Was so shocked to read that Joe had had a mini-stroke, Brenda, but so relieved that he’d had no lasting damage and, more importantly, was quickly able to get back on his bike! Please send him our very best wishes

    • He goes to hospital on Thursday for a heart scan and then back to neurology in July. We are noticing that he has a little difficulty with remembering past trips. Reading our old logs and its bringing it back though.

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