Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 12, 2020

Continuing to keep safe

and appreciate all that the key workers are going for us. This brings me to my first photo of the week. Cycling locally and I came across crochet. Of course I had to take a snap.


We have been getting out. The roads are very quiet but the cycle paths , on a sunny day, are a very different matter. There are plenty of dog walkers with those long retractable leads. Some seem to be oblivious that the dogs need to be kept on a short lead. I pointed this out to  couple of young ladies who had three dogs running about freely and saying that the paths were clearly marked for cycles and walking. They are but she told me the dogs can’t read.   Seems ignorance extends to some people as well.

One of our rides involved delivery of medication to a patient. She couldn’t get out so it gives a purpose to a ride. Another longer ride involves riding up to Guisborough to deliver a quilt block for a charity quilt our group is making. It was a lovely day though so it seemed a good opportunity and the road was nearly empty of vehicles with some other cyclists. They were all either solos or couples like him.

Carrying on we road along a track but people don’t stray too far from the towns. Once we got to SlapeWath , we road along and up through Boosbeck  where there were no children in the playground.


I stopped in Skelton Green to take this photo of the Cleveland Way walking route. We saw a couple of chaps slogging up the hill that we were able to whizz down.

Then we headed down to Saltburn by the Sea – no-one on the front and nearly free of cars. This was my chance to try to climb the 25% hill , with 2 really tight hairpin bends. I have ridden it on that back of a tandem but never solo and thanks to my e-bike I did it! OK some think its cheating  but I was pleased as I was still breathing heavily keeping the assistance to a minimum.

We rode back into the Boro and I finally stopped to take a picture of this bit of wall as I have always loved the shapes.

This goes back and I hadn’t been aware that there had been a salt works down here.


There was also an opportunity to take another arty shot of the Temenos and the old docks.



Another ride saw us a bit closer to home on familiar turf . We discovered that while the Whinneys nature reserve was nice and dry , just outside they have laid a new track.  It has a grey sort of shaley/gravelly surface which I found it difficult to ride on , so got off to walk. I didn’t want to fall off.

We rode up to Sadberg and had a brief stop and its the first time I have noticed these little bird models in the memorial garden. I also saw that on the back, there was rhubarb growing.


I didn’t ride on Friday because of taking part in a day of worldwide fasting and pray that was called by President Russell M Nelson . A FaceBook group had been set up and it was very heartening to see the number of people of all religions or none who were willing to take part. Money saved by not eating can then be used to donate to humanitarian causes to relieve poverty in these stressful times.

There was another ride on Saturday that saw us heading out on again familiar roads that were almost devoid of vehicles up to Osmotherly and on to Codbeck Resevoir.



DH had got up at 5.00am to bake his version of hot cross buns  – without the cross because he thinks its too much trouble. They taste lovely though.


We sat on a bench that had a memorial plaque  and I noted that the chap was born the same year as me.


There are many such benches dotted around the perimeter and there were many poignant inscriptions.  One that really touched me was of two young people, I assume   brother and sister  beause of the names and ages. I thought of the heartbreak of those parents. So sad.

The lady walking her dog, passed by and we asked about getting out at the far end and she told us she knew there was a gate but wasn’t sure we would get the bikes through. We decided to ride around and take a chance. We could always come back and go back up to the road that way.


When we got to the gate, with a bit of wriggling , we could get through but the dog walking lady came along. She decided to just cross the stream on stepping stones  and promptly slipped and fell in!! She wasn’t hurt and jumped up obviously embarrassed. She told us she has lived there 20 years and crossed many times. I told her she had to have an audience to do it, so off she walked back home. Good job it was a warm day as she was soaked through.

We headed home via Swainby and Faceby going through Ingelby Greenhow and Great Ayton.

The weeks total was 156 miles which I didnt expect and YTD is 1381 miles

For  those who like to see my quilting , I finished up the table runner . All made from scraps


  1. You are certainly getting some good miles in. I share your view of dog walkers who keep dogs on long leads on shared paths.

    • yes on colder days like today, there wont be too many dog walkers on local tracks

  2. Hello Brenda, so good to hear you’re still out there cycling. I sympathise about the retractable leads. I think they should be banned. I was bitten by a small dog on a lead like that. The woman had absolutely no control over the dog. I blame her and not the animal. I limped off to the nearby hospital while she beat a hasty retreat not offering help or any kind of apology. Now I’ve had my spray for the day, I hope you are keeping well. .

    • and its good to have you back blogging again Robyn

      • Thanks Brenda. Good to be uplifted by all my blogging buddies.

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