Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 5, 2020

Quarantine ongoing

Well, we are continuing to stay home except on our once a day ride out. I realise that we are fairly self sufficient/ non-social most of the time so I am not going stir crazy. This is a product of my on-going chemical induced spasmodic dysphonia which means that all the stuff like going out to theatres, cinemas etc. is a no-no for me. I am going to miss my cycle camping trip though. Heehee ! I have been fantasising about putting up a tent and sleeping in it. We don’t have a garden so it would have to be indoors just like we did when my brother and I were children.

The days do tend to roll into one so I will show some photos of our latest rides which have all been fairly local.

In the local park the swans are nesting and we also saw another sitting a nest near the barrage.

I noticed when we rode through Albert Park  that they have erected a fence to keep her safe as a couple of years ago some despicable person smashed the eggs.

New life is popping up all around and the field we passed near Darlington was filled with new lambs. This mother was protective as I took this photo of these twins snuggled together but when she saw I was no threat she moved away.

One of the places we rode through was the hamlet of Girsby. The fields around have been ploughed and planted ready for spring growth. The village church is called All Saints.

Further along the road entering the village of Low Dinsdale we were greeted with the glorious sight of these banks of daffodils.


The river Tees is crossed just after here and there is another small church.


Continuing on we stopped at Neasham and had a drink and home made teacakes ( made by DH not me).


This is my DH . He is holding on to my bike. BTW he is wearing goggles over his glasses as the wind makes his eyes stream so much he cannot see where he is going. This is a good solution for him that doesn’t cost a fortune.

On the river, the Achimedes screws on the barrage have stopped turning as the kayaking course has had to close.


On Saturday, quite by chance I discovered that the odometer on my bike was nearing 7500 miles since I got it in July 2018. We had to stop and take a photo. Well it was near the Transporter Bridge so I had to ride in a circle a few times until it actually registered the exact number.

Unfortunately the bridge is closed for repair and we couldn’t get near to the statute in the background called ‘Waiting for me Da’.


I have been sewing away. I am enjoying  free machine quilting and learning new motifs.



I also made a top for a table runner .

IMG_0814 - Copy

This weeks total is 144 miles and that is 1225 miles YTD


  1. What a good post, lots of interesting pictures, a cycling milestone and some gorgeous needlework.

  2. Amazing quilting!! 🙂
    Great mileage too 🙂

  3. I can just imagine “Waiting for me Da” said in a lovely north east accent! I googled it and read the story of it. (though it says Dad in the article I read. I prefer Da!) It reminded me of when I was a little girl and used to wait on our front garden wall sometimes for my dad to come home at lunch time. When I saw him coming I would jump off and go and run down to meet him.

    • glad to have sparked a good memory. when i heard the sculpture he said Da . I suppose in these days of standardisation they woul have to put Dad. Lizzie are you getting out cycling still. I do hope so. There is going to be a virtual Cycle touring festival on line at the end of the month. Are you interested.?

      • I must write a post…but there seems to have been so much else to do. Yes I read the email about the CTF this morning and will be very interested to see what they come up with in their next update.

  4. Hi Brenda. Thanks for this post, good to see that you are carrying on with your life even though for most it has stopped. I hope it will be a short interlude. I love that trans bridge, so photogenic. I nearly got my bike out yesterday, maybe I will tomorrow.

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