Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 29, 2020

Cycling in Quarantine Time

There has been a lot of online discussion on whether we are allowed to cycle and should we. Sometimes , it has been very unpleasant with swearing on the part of various people  defending their own point of view.

Listening to the Prime Minister he said we are allowed to go out once a day for exercise and to keep away from others unless they are people who live in the same household. So , we decided to cycle each day until such time as a more severe lockdown comes into play. I believe it will as the virus Covid-19 sweeps across the country just as it has ravaged parts of Europe. On a personal note , I know those on the very front line who are doing the best they can to care for patients .

Monday saw us out early in the morning – trying to keep to a routine. I am not able to work at present as personal protection equipment is in very short supply but I was able to help one lady who I asked to send a photo. I was able to say she needed antibiotics and her GP was willing to prescribe so she is sorted. I have to say, I did not charge for my service unlike some dentists who will talk to you and charge you for the consultation. Enough said.

I took these couple of photos down in the old part of the town. The round net like thing is a sculpture called the Temenos and the transporter bridge can be see as well as an old bell tower.

We then cycled along the river and home.

Tuesday we went out a bit later in the day and across through Preston park. The gates to the carpark were locked so no-one about  at all. We cold cycle through though.

Wednesday was a beautiful day with little wind and glorious sunshine. We decided to have a bit of a longer ride because of the weather but chose to go where we thought there would be few people. So it was off to Hurworth burn and around to Hartlepool. The route down has a few restricters  that are very awkward with our handlebars. I think the planners need to realise that not all cyclists have drop handlebars.


At the headland we sat in the memorial gardens and had a drink and a sandwich . We saw a couple of people walking dogs but no-one came into the gardens.


The ride along the promenade has a few more people but everyone kept their distance. The visibility was poor but I stopped to take a photo of this ship at anchor off the river mouth.P1030615

We had another stop at the Cowpen Bewley nature reserve and had homemade banana cake and another drink.


Then it was homeward bound still in glorious sunshine.

On Thursday, I had to send out some letters, so rather than the postal service , we used our exercise time to deliver them ourselves. This was to cancel patients I couldn’t contact by phone. People change suppliers and get a new number but don’t tell me.

Friday , the weather was a bit cooler but still not too bad so we again cycled though Preston park at Stockton and then home along the river.

Saturday was much colder and windier but we decided to ride up Ormesby Bank and across to Nunthorpe. We would have gone a bit further but the rain started  – only mizzle really – but in the bitter nor-easterly, it was most unpleasant so it was a quick bolt for home.

All the extra time , I have spend free machine quilting which I will share next week.

So 135 miles this week and YTD 1081 miles- on target for the year so far.


  1. I can see no harm in cycling at all as long as you don’t stop at cafes on the way.

  2. I’m glad that you’re still out on licence. In Ireland, we’re restricted to 2km for exercise purposes, extendable only for shopping, or work if you still have it, and under house arrest if you’re over 70. I’ve a round trip of 30km to the supermarket, but expect to be stopped on suspicion of senile delinquency for riding a heavily laden touring bike. Stay safe and active!

    • so lovely to hear from you Felicity. been out for a 25 miles ride today – not too far from home but a circular – wish I could say it was warm but the wind was brutal

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