Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 22, 2020

Keeping Safe

This has been one fast moving week and we have kept on cycling together. I worked last week as well but in view of my age (not quite 70) and the vulnerability of one of my sons I have decided to suspend treating anyone’s feet for the next while. Who knows how long this will be.

We heard on Friday, that the Cycle Touring Festival at the end of May has been cancelled for this year. Today, we learned that the Camping and Caravanning Club has closed all the sites down so I doubt our planned trips will be possible. Maybe in September.

There are many scenes of irresponsible behaviour on social media and I do hope we can continue to cycle as the government wants us to stay home but exercise out doors. Cycling solo or with those you live with is fine but keep away from others.

This week we had early morning rides clocking up 30 miles and we cycled on Friday and Saturday.

I have wanted to ride to Eppleby to see the daffodils and so that is where we went. On the way between Cleasby and Manfield, the landscape  looked a picture with clouds bubbling up.


looking north



looking south


neat little whole in the hedge – properly cut but for what?

The village green looked a picture even though there are still flowers to burst out.I couldn’t resist taking photographs.

We sat in the largely redundant bus shelter and I was going to toast our sarnies until I realised I had forgotten the frying pan . Duh!! Still it was tasty cheese and was OK but cold. We did have a flask to have a warm Oxo though.

Then we headed out through Forcett and along to Melmerby and onward to go under the A66 and on to Barton.

Nearing East Layton I had to stop to admire  the wild primroses  and share them with you. We crossed the river Tees at Croft and along to Neasham where we had another stop in the sheltered old what I call a butter market.

There was a very cold east wind blowing and I was so grateful to have the e-bike to get home via Middleton One Row and then down through Yarm and home. That was a good ride of 56 miles.

On Saturday , we had a plan to go to Guisborough but a friend mentioned she needed some minced beef and as she is having to self isolate due to age and her husband’s infirmity we headed up to Coulny Newham.

I didn’t even go into the shopping centre. It was manic with people lined up waiting o get into a frozen food store. I just turned tail but we went to one of the German supermarkets and it was much quieter. I was able to purchase what we needed and we decided to head off to Picton near where they live.

We didn’t go into the house but passed the shopping through a window. Cycling back through Kirklevington we stopped in another cyclists dining room (bus stop) – we have our own seats to put in there.


Then it was head for home. Preston Park was crowded with people and children despite the appeal to keep distance from each other. That is what we will do but will get out cycling away from others.

Stay safe Everyone. We live in different era now.

Miles this week 123 miles YTD 946 miles


  1. You are racking up the miles at a lively pace. I am very impressed.

  2. Stay safe and healthy. 🙂

  3. Good to read of your adventures as usual, and lovely photos again!

    • thanks Lizzie. looks like it will be reduced miles from now on

      • Yes indeed, though “one form of exercise a day” could mean a very long bike ride!!

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