Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 23, 2020

Continued BAD weather

It is so dreary to have continued wild wet and windy weather but here in my part of the world , we have to be thankful that we haven’t had the floods that have devastated large parts of the UK.

This has led to not much cycling of any distance and that was in the early morning hours. However, there is the good news that dawn is coming earlier and we see the days lengthening at both ends.

On Friday, DS1 drove me down to Harrogate to attend the Northern Quilt  Festival. It is not a huge affair but it was lovely to see the quilts and to buy a few items from the traders. While I was there DS1 used his camera to get some photos for a course he is doing and also took his bike across to Cyclesense in Tadcaster to get his gears sorted out after changing his handlebars.

I took a few photos of quilts I liked but I cannot pot them as I don’t have their permission. My favourite was by a lady who made a quilt showing 2 amply bottomed ladies sat on a beach.

I also enjoyed a 1 hr workshop with a lady called Gillian Abrams from Hull. She took 20 of us and we got the chance to try various types of fabric pencils and crayons. I have got a couple of samples that I want to try free machine quilting/embroidery on.

On Saturday, we did get a bit of a ride after the early morning rain stopped. The wind was awful gusting at about 45mph. I am so grateful to have the e-bike as there were times I almost came to a standstill. We road to Stockton and I was trying to find textile medium which I eventually found at Teesside Park. We looked at the sky and saw big, black clouds and DH said we would be lucky to get home in the dry. Well, we were lucky as just as we got to our front door, whoosh, down it came with a vengeance.

So I spent the rest of the day quilting and putting on the borders and quilting them. I used some of the things I bought at the quilt show. Here is a couple of photos.

So this week a measly 38 miles  and YTD 461 miles. Roll on better weather.


  1. I am glad that you had a quilt show to help you pass the non cycling time. I have almost forgotten what a bicycle looks like.

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