Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 9, 2020

Sunny ride out

My rides in the first part of the week were all pre-dawn rides with the birds starting to sing and I was really looking forward to the long weekend despite the forecast of severe weather.

Well Friday morning arrived and there was freezing fog!! Despite that it lifted by 9.00am and we headed out crossing Newport bridge and being surprised that there was no frost on it.

I have to admit that my right leg was hurting but the e-bike makes it easier and DH said we could cut it short. I am nothing , if not determined. Some think pig-headed. Never mind the exercise did ease it off and I used all the assistance I needed getting up to Norton village. We had decided to go up the Castle Eden walkway to Hurworth Burn and then see how things went.

It did look a bit cloudy and there is a steep descent before crossing the main road to the walkway entrance. We saw a cyclist with bike packing luggage, off and walking so asked where he was off to. He said it was getting more difficult to get up the hills, so we talked e-bikes with him and then a couple of his buddies arrived but just walking. They had been wild camping somewhere near Castle Eden.


As we stopped to use the facilities , which are open, I noticed these beautiful snowdrops.

The path wasn’t too muddy , as there had been no rain  all week and I stopped to take this photo of a bench. When it was first put in about 13or 14 years ado there was a cycle helmet and a lunch box carved into the wood. This is what the passage of time has resulted in with moss growing liberally over it.


Then it was off across the bridge and up to Hurworth Burn. It was colder here and on the lake on the east side , I could make out ice so we didn’t hang about.

iceonhurworth burn

My leg wasn’t too bad so we decided to carry on to Hartlepool. We were using NCN1 which takes you across a field on a very nice path after Station Town. Then we turned on to NCN14 which is part of the Hart to Haswell route. They have done some work to replace barriers along here but it hasn’t made it any easier for us as out handlebars are a bit higher and wider than the planners estimate. This requires a bit of shimmying with the bikes leaned over to get through.


Then we decided to go to the Headland where there is a nice memorial park which is well sheltered. This is just near the Heugh (pronounced ‘uff’) which has a museum with café which we didn’t use.  This is the only open air WW1 museum in the UK.



I believe Hartlepool took the first battering of the mainland during WW1 when a soldier was killed.

We also passed the statue of Andy Capp , a British cartoon strip character , whose creator Reg Smyth was born in Hartlepool.


We took a break and had out lunch sitting in the sunshine and then carried along through Hartlepool and along the prom where there were a lot of walkers. Here is a view across the Tees estuary  to the Headland.headland


Then it was off home again on NCN14 across to Greatham and then we turned and went through Cowpen Bewley. Part of the path has been renewed which is very nice but more work needs to be done into Billingham. Going to Cowpen ( pronounced coopen  locally) allowed us to keep on roads back across Newport bridge where we got onto the cycle track along the river – with a following wind – which was very nice.

I was so pleased that my leg was feeling much better. I was looking forward to another short ride on Saturday , but it wasn’t to be. Friday evening saw my nose start to stream and I am now in the throes of a heavy head cold. Such is life.

mileage for the week 74 and YTD  405 miles. I do hope I recover soon


  1. 400 miles is pretty good going for so early in the year. I hope that your cold gets better quickly.

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